Viewers repulsed after indecent acts televised live on reality show

You don’t watch reality television and expect any form of high art, but viewers of the UK reality show Love Island
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You don’t watch reality television and expect any form of high art, but viewers of the UK reality show Love Island were pushed to the limits with a live sex show on the latest episode.

Viewers of the show know what they’re getting themselves in for – sex often happens under the cover of night – but this time, two contestants didn’t even wait for the lights to turn off. Instead, they decided to engage in the most intimate of moments in front of their cast mates, leaving viewers horrified.

While some viewers were outraged, some said that’s what we’ve come to expect of trashy TV but it shows that there is no end to what producers of reality television will go to for publicity.

Sex on TV isn’t new on Australian shows either, and the Australian public were flawed back in the early 00s when sex was aired on Big Brother, prompting the prime minister at the time, John Howard, to demand it be taken off the air.

If you dare to watch the footage, it is here.

Do you think there should be a limit on what they are allowed to do on these shows? Or are we too prudish to accept that this is where TV is today?

  1. Keith Schadel  

    Couldn’t be bothered watching the footage provided, we are loosing any semblance of morals, “real life” programs should be immediately taken off air if all semblance of decency are dropped for soft porn are in any episode. Don’t like censorship, but, current system of complaining to Free to Air is a joke

  2. bruce taylor  

    It is sad that instead of good drama, comedy, documentaries and the like we are flooded by cheap to produce so called reality TV. These seem to be getting even worse if that is possible.
    Not only is it cheap to produce it is also often not even reality as several shows have been caught out using stunt doubles and professionals instead of the supposed participants.
    There is too the fact that there are many less jobs for actors as the production of genuine shows drops.
    Reality TV has nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

  3. [email protected]  

    Cheap to make cheap to watch. Think I’ll just use the off button.

  4. Val Gamble  

    Just another rubbishy reality show that the TV channels are pushing at us.El Cheapo.Don’t watch any of them.

  5. Rob Ozanne  

    We need a pure porn channel !!! lol

  6. Rod  

    I have never known sex to be indecent.

  7. Pam Tomney  

    I am a Brit living in Spain but I am surprised that people are repulsed by a sex act, what do they expect from a reality TV with mixed group of young people. If you don’t like it, you have an off button, it seems so prudish, we are not living in the Victorian age and if you are over 60 you were around in the 60’s where it was drugs, sex and rock and roll and if you reckon you missed all of that, I can only say “Get a Life”.

    • Rosemary Miles  

      It’s not my cup of tea but then reality shows do nothing for me. I agree though – there’s always the off button or change channels. No one forces us to watch these shows.

  8. Liza  

    Cheap to watch by cheap members of society & they wonder why the younger generation end up being even cheaper than the generation before. No morals = gutter trash.

    • Margaret  

      I agree Liza. Also the foul language used in some TV shows makes me sick, i.e. Rake. I turn off. At least the UK detective shows don’t use foul language.

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