TV then vs TV now: when did we lose that silliness and warmth?

First things first: there was good and bad television then, just as there is good and bad television now. Entertainment
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First things first: there was good and bad television then, just as there is good and bad television now. Entertainment and culture are forever changing, and every generation will feel something is lost as time goes on.

But all the same, it’s hard to deny a certain warmth has been disappearing from TV over the years. Has it gotten scarce? Or is just still there and simply hiding?

My fondest memories from TV in the 80s came from Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Let’s not pretend for a single second that was world class television. It was chaotic; it was messy; it was frequently unfunny. And yet… these people felt like family. Daryl, Ozzie, Jacki, Dickie, Wilbur, Red; these were people you gladly welcomed into your home once a week.

They spoke directly to you with a very real warmth. At times it felt like a friendship that just happened to go only one way.

Is there anyone on TV today you see the same way? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Maybe it’s the very nature of reality TV that makes it difficult.

There are plenty of hosts I’ve gotten to know and love, but they don’t quite feel “part of our lives” because they’re talking to the guests, not to us. And those guests – hundreds upon hundreds of them over the years – simply don’t stick around long enough to form a meaningful multi-year connection.

TV chefs have come close. But they’re just individuals with charm, not an extended family. And that makes me very curious: will that chaotic dynamic ever come back to our screens? Has it simply taken on another form? Or is it truly part of a bygone era?

Today we’d like to ask the Starts at 60 community: was there ever anyone on TV you could feel “close” to? Is there anyone today who comes close? Share your thoughts below!

  1. I miss the lack of political correctness. We see on our screens repeat after repeat of Uk and US programs but none of ours. Why?

    • The ABC made Australian drama TV shows but they have had funding cut and the commercial channels don’t seem to fund them either

    • Yes but wouldn’t reruns of Matlock police be more appropriate than the Bill reruns of reruns in Australia

  2. When the bought in all those reality shows horrid. Just look at the cooking shows. Why do they have to have nasty people on them. Why can’t you just watch people cook for goodness sake. Instead of putting shows on to have a laugh the put shows on to make people tense. That’s why I don’t watch TV

  3. Absolute rubbish reality and cooking shows now..
    Have retreated back to my books…
    Aussie TV shows appalling !!

  4. I do NOT like reality TV shows, at the back of my mind this little voice keeps saying, this is not real, it is all staged so they can make a TV program 🙂

  5. Hate reality shows so we watch movies. Even the news is not worth watching. Tv is absolute rubbish

  6. Hate cooking, reality shows, constant news, sport and weather interruptions. I want to be entertained not bored stupid with all the crap that is on now. I read and crochet and play slots on the computer because tv is such a load of rubbish.

    • And all the re-runs and home shopping a constant barrage of “you cant live without it”.Cheap loans/easy money but they don’t tell the rate of interest and young people get sucked in to a life of debt. And all the “free to air” channels are copies of what is on the original channel. Quality has degenerated for quantity. And isn’t it fun watching a 21 year old telling you how to cook. TV is geared to the young and gullible,

  7. Comedy today is like slap stick, they just don’t realise it, and I never found another’s humiliation funny. Bring back the silly.

    • I think that is the American influence. Some of their humour is cruel. I think the Australian and English humour is much kinder. Inspired silliness, wit and funny dialogue always featured.

  8. There is nothing on any more that gives a personal interaction except I the mornings there is nothing at night

  9. Their awful most reality shows seem to be about bullying and who can be the most anoyying and nasty.

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