The real reality behind “Love at First sight” exposed

When it comes to reality television, it’s common knowledge that everything that you see on the screen is played up

When it comes to reality television, it’s common knowledge that everything that you see on the screen is played up for the most about of drama possible. However, one participant reveals that it’s almost more torturous than you could imagine.

Craig Roach became a headline for the show Married at First Sight as he was part of the shows first gay couple. Craig told friends that he was genuinely hoping to find someone on the show but what he got was orchestrated chaos with the goal to be on camera drama.

Posting to Facebook, Craig claimed that the producers purposefully set him up with someone that was the total opposite of what he said he was looking for in a partner and that they forced him to film over many days with little to no sleep. Craig wrote “It is anything but REALITY,” continuing, “Nothing you see is what was the actual events.”

Claiming that his decision to do the show was “a stupid mistake,” he shared, “Fortunately for me I knew within 24 hours that this guy wasn’t good for me at all and got the f*** out of there.

“We were required by the producers to shot some footage of us getting to know each other as they didn’t have any.

“So I agreed to 2 scenes of us spending time together that was all scripted.

“What you saw on TV was nothing what really happen TRUST ME!” Producers even tried to force conflict as they invited ex-partners to the wedding.

When Craig saw the episode air, he was even more upset writing, “I hope people see beyond the way I’ve been portrayed and not the way it’s been edited,”. Craig even states that producers “put words into my mouth that I didn’t even say.”

Have shows like Married at First Sight finally scrapped the bottom of the barrel or is this the way to get good TV?

  1. Jan  

    I’m sorry that this has happened to Craig but I can’t help wondering why people don’t learn from other’s misfortunes and know that TV producers want their show to look good, at the expense of putting the contestants looking bad.

  2. The only goal of TV producers is to make money and they don’t care how they do it. Anyone going on one of these “marriage” or “dating” shows needs to realise that and take everything that happens with a grain of salt. I am sorry that Craig was so badly disillusioned and hope he recovers from this nasty experience.

    • Mary Heffernan  

      Agreed – sensationalism sells advertising time! The more they rev this stuff up, the better the bigger the audience seems to be! Doesn’t matter if it’s cooking shows, home renovation shows, or this kind of stuff. We are becoming a nation of voyeurs. I don’t watch any of it – much prefer ABC or SBS.

  3. Angie B  

    The whole thing was cringeworthy! I felt sorry for the participants.

  4. Alan  

    Another realty show is The Block. Viewers are led to believe that the contestants do the renovations when in fact tradies do 99% of the renos. Some viewers believe what they see on TV and try their own renovations wiith disasterous results costing them big money to rectify. So many believe in these trash shows.

  5. I bet half of these couples are not even together now. I read that the producers pulled one woman aside and told her to keep the conflict going at the dinner table to make it more television-worthy. None of it is real. At least with Farmer wants wife the contestants do get to spend some time together albeit a little. Like these cake baking shows, the contestants know what they have to bake and have been practicing at home to get it right. Anyone who thinks that they can do it all on the spot are just plain gullible. Its only the last challenge that they don’t know.

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