‘Sunrise’ host Samantha Armytage attacked by dog

Sunrise host, and avid dog lover, Samantha Armytage took to Instagram in a fiery post after being attacked by a

Sunrise host, and avid dog lover, Samantha Armytage took to Instagram in a fiery post after being attacked by a dog Monday afternoon.

The post has since been removed by Samantha from Instagram but an image of the post via the Sydney Morning Herald shares a harrowing tale.


In the post, she states that a Doberman attacked her while she was on her afternoon walk. While she is OK, after getting shots and having the wound dressed, she urged owners of aggressive dogs to keep them away from the public especially since there were small children near her when she was attacked.

While some of her followers were quick to dismiss the attack as an over dramatisation, it has opened the discussion about the pet owner’s responsibilities. While some owners may not believe that their pet is a danger, there are signs that your dog is maybe aggressive towards people or other pets.

According to the website doggonesafe, some of the warning signs include regularly growling, guarding their toys or resting area, snapping, aggressive barking that doesn’t stop at your command, or if your dog raises it’s tail when a guest or child approaches it. If your dog demonstrates any of these traits, you should seek the help of a behaviour specialist as soon as possible.

If you fail to control your pet, and it does attack someone, even if they are not on television, you could be up for thousands of dollars in fines and compensation to the victim, and your dog may be seized or euthanised.

As Armytage stated in her post it “could have been so much worse” and we are all thankful that it wasn’t.

Do you think that this is an over dramatisation? How much responsibility should dog owners have?



  1. Jacquie  

    I walk every day and one of my fears is a dog attack. I will walk the other way if I see one in the street unattended. Some people don’t seem to care about their dogs and whether they are dangerous.

  2. Jacquie  

    I walk every day and one of my fears is a dog attack. I will walk the other way if I see one in the street unattended. Some people don’t seem to care about their dogs and whether they are dangerous.

  3. Sue Yunker  

    I carry a length of flexi pipe with me when I walk my dog – and I will use it if some idiot lets their dog off lead and it attacks my dog.
    Irresponsible owners of untrained dogs should be better policed by local councils.

  4. Lee  

    How much responsibility does the dog owner have? What are you asking? Legally, the owner of the animal is responsible for anything their dog does.

  5. i was faced with a frightning dog thought it was going to tear me apart had to scream out for some one to call the dog the bloody owner was standing there watching i was so mad í could have been a child i owned dogs all my life and never been afraid of them till this experiance

  6. Jan Dower  

    I used to be scared to walk to school every day as a child in the 1950’s because there were no laws that I know of regarding keeping dogs off the street but these days I rarely see a dog so most people are obeying the laws. Anyone
    who does let their dog run free on the streets should be fined and if they repeat the offence the dog should be taken from them. Simple.

  7. [email protected]  

    I have been attacked on two occasions by Staffordshire Terrier dogs. It was very scary, now I
    Cross the road if I see one coming. Very scary dogs should always be muzzled in public.

    • Angela I own staffies and they are beautiful gentle creatures. The problem is not the dog or the breed, but the owners who fail completely to train the dogs to behave. Using the logic that you are using (ie all staffordshires should be muzzled)….I got beaten up by a man with red hair….therefore all men with red hair must wear handcuffs in public. This nonsense of blaming the breed has to stop. It is totally the responsibility of the owners.

      • Michelle Howell  

        Well said Stella, I also have a Staffie and a Labrador and both are well trained and sweet natured. It is not the breed it’s the (minority) irresponsible owners.

  8. Sam I hope you reported this to the council, as there are laws in place, to fine dog owners if they don’t have their dogs restrained, back in the 50’s when I was small a large aggressive dog bit me and caused me to have stitches which was very traumatic when one is only 5 years of age, and no laws existed then and its taken me a llifetime to get over my fear, even now, when I am out if I see a dog unrestrained I will cross the street, irresponsible dog owners need to be reported and fined!!!

  9. Lyn Mellier  

    I live in Canberra & there are manyy people who walk their dogs regularly in the parks near where I walk my small dog. A high percentage of dog owners walk their dogs leash free, mine is always on a lead. Some of the leash free dogs are not well controlled & its a bit frightening when they rush up to me & my dog then gets very overexcited. I think that all dogs should be walked on a lead particularly on common footpaths & thoroughafare park areas. It is rude, thoughtless & potentially dangerous for dogs to be walked off leads in public places. There are designated areas for off leash dog exercising & people who desire this should find out where these places are & leave the rest of us in peace who wish to walk our dogs on leads.

  10. Cheryl  

    I feel sorry for the dog. Ms Armytage isn’t happy unless she’s got something to grizzle about. Hope the dog bite doesn’t get in the way of her impending efforts to become a mum.

    • Heidi  

      I hope you never get attacked by a dog. What a stupid thing to say 😒

    • Jenni  

      I feel sorry for the dog too. It is the owners who are at fault. Report it too the council Sam. Some people dont deserve to have dogs if they dont take care of them and that includes having them restrained in public.

  11. I am amazed at the mentality of some people. It really doeswn’t matter if the dog bit Samantha ar the Queen it was definately far to dangerous to be left out. People shoud be more responsible with their animls they are not the only people living on this earth and we should all feel safe out walking

  12. Unleashed dogs are very common in our area, and if you ask the owner to leash their dog it’s often the owner that becomes aggressive. Local laws are clear but many choose to ignore. A pleasant walk can quickly become stressful and unsafe when an uncontrolled dog is bounding towards you,, particularly certain breeds Why do these dog owners refuse to abide by clearly set out local.laws? Irresponsiblility, arrogance, laziness,? I’m fed up with it.

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