Claims Sylvia Jeffries and Peter Stefanovic knew more than they let on in Karl Stefanovic split

It’s shocking when couples break up, not just for the couple involved but for the friends and family too. In

It’s shocking when couples break up, not just for the couple involved but for the friends and family too. In the case of Karl Stefanovic’s split from his wife Cassandra Thorburn it appears the Today Show ‘family’ is no different.

Woman’s Day has reported that since the split Stefanovic’s brother, Peter, and his fiancee Sylvia Jeffrys have not spoken to Thorburn and she feel ‘abandoned’ by them.

An insider told the magazine: “It makes Cass wonder how much they [Peter and Sylvia] knew.”

The source went on to say that Thorburn is “really hurt” by this because she believed Peter and Sylvia were “her real friends”.

It is reported that unlike the scenario painted by many media outlets, there was no ‘big fight’ that led to Karl’s departure from the family home. “She came home one day to find he packed up and walked out,” the source says.

The magazine has also revealed that Thorburn found text messages from a much-younger woman on her husband’s phone.

Have you been in a situation where you felt abandoned by friends and/or family? Were you able to address it and maintain a relationship? Tell us about it.

  1. Jeannette  

    Oh,Yes, you find out who your true friends are – and that’s not many ! and for the rest of your life if you remain single you are not invited anywhere by couples as you are a big threat -!! women are so insecure – and afraid you will go for their husband – and when you make single friends and then they find a boyfriend you are dropped again . I have had this happen to me so many times, over the years being single is not always easy everything changes in your life so Cassandra better get prepared. !! I wish her well she is a lovely natural woman – not superficial at all and in time she will meet a real man who truly loves and appreciates her.!

  2. margaret preston  

    who would ever believe anything a magazine like womans day or new idea ,they lie about everything never get facts in the road of a good story that might sell hundreds of these mags .should be made to write the truth or get fined heavily

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