Thousands gather to remember Jon English

Australian entertainer Jon English has been remembered as a “titan” of the industry at a special memorial to honour the

Australian entertainer Jon English has been remembered as a “titan” of the industry at a special memorial to honour the late singer.

Thousands of fans joined Jon’s friends and family for a special concert to pay tribute to his remarkable career.

The 66-year-old passed away earlier this month following complications on what was supposed to be a routine operation.

Tears flowed at the event as Jon’s children took to the stage to say a few words about their father.

His daughter Josephine described him as a “very private person, with a very public job”.

She spoke about the last weeks of his life being “filled with love and laughter” and wonderful memories.

“And we were able to take care of him the way that he had always taken care of us,” she said wiping away tears.

“Jon English was great at so many, many things but to us his greatest role will always be ‘father’.”

Jon’s good friend and fellow musician John Paul Young performed a special song for the star saying he was still coming to terms with the singer’s death.

“Jon’s death is still sinking in,” he said.

“It makes you think about your own mortality.”

Those who had worked with him in the past described him as enthusiastic, loveable, and welcoming.

Fans who attended the event said they just wanted to pay tribute to the man who had been such a huge influence on their lives.

Sharon Fuller said she has been a fan of Jon’s since she was a teenager and was even lucky enough to meet him once.

“I have had a crush on Jon English since I was 16,” she told ABC.

“He once asked if I was stalking him. I said: ‘Yes, since 1972’.”

Are you a fan of Jon English? Did you grow up listening to his music?

  1. Lyn Ford  

    I was fortunate enough to see Jon English in concert many times, plus also saw him in Pirates
    I also meet him on a couple of occasions and he signed all the CD’s I had at the time including the
    box set of ‘Paris’
    One of my favourite occasions of meeting him was way back in the seventies when we had petrol strikes
    he was performing at The Bexley North Hotel and not many people turned up because of the strike
    but he still performed always the true professional and a all round fabulous man
    I have been listening to his music even more since his passing

  2. Jennifer Davenport  

    I was lucky to follow Jon and attend his concerts with my80 yr old mum and my kids we all loved him he is such a beautiful talented guy we will miss him so much. Love to his family ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  3. Linda  

    I remember seeing Jon in Jesus Christ Superstar. But the first time I saw him on concert was when I was 16 underage lol at the Ambassador Newcastle. He didn’t come on until midnight which was the time I was suppose to be home but what the heck it was worth getting into trouble when I git home at 2.00 in the morning. ๐Ÿ’š

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