This video about young people and their phones is the wake up call they need

A clever video about young people and their mobile phones has taken the internet by storm after showing just how

A clever video about young people and their mobile phones has taken the internet by storm after showing just how much they miss out on by being on their phones all the time.

The video centres around a young women and shows highlights from her day as she deals with friends and neighbours who can’t seem to look away from their screens.

She goes for a hike to watch the sunrise and is interrupted by a man talking loudly on his phone, oblivious to the beautiful view behind him.

She has coffee with friends, where the whole table spends most of their time looking at their phones instead of talking to each other.

She attends a birthday party where people are more interested in getting the perfect photo than they are in focussing on the birthday boy and celebrating his day.

It finishes with a shot of her lying in bed with her boyfriend who she is trying to cuddle up to.

Unfortunately, he would rather look at his phone than the lovely woman right next to him!

The video has been shared thousands of times since it was uploaded and has shocked many young people who say they didn’t even realise how often they were doing the same things shown in the video.

“Everyone is too busy viewing the world and special moments through a screen. It’s so sad. I’m going to make a conscious effort to put my phone down. I want to see the world through my eyes only,” wrote one commenter.

“Can you say new type of addiction?!? I find myself having to resist the urge to pull out my phone,” said another.

While baby-boomers got to spend their youth enjoying everything around them without the distractions – and some would say addictions – of a smartphone, today’s young generation seem to be missing out on the world around them as they live through the screen instead.

Many people are sharing this video saying they hope it will give others the wake up call they need!

Take a look and tell us what you think.

Do you think people spend too much time on their phones? Are they missing out on the real world?

  1. Judith Perryn  

    Video will not run

    • Glenys  

      I find that a lot with the over 60 s pages and articles.

  2. annie wright  

    I don’t use a cell phone and don’t think I miss out on life because of that loss

    • Denise  

      We lived without these monsters years ago & survived, but I believe they are the worst invention ever…..They are controlling everyone’s life & take priority in peoples lives, like nothing I’ve ever seen before…….Glad I don’t use one…….

  3. ASTRA  

    Video works fine. Put your phones down and concentrate on what you’re doing!

    • Jan  

      How true. There are times I have wanted to get up from a table and walked away. I should have. At least when I visit my son and his wife they listen because their phones are generally inside. It makes all the difference.

  4. Maureen  

    Wanted to watch it before sending it to my 16 yo grandson, but unfortunately the video would not work.

  5. Margaret Stephens  

    Plays fine for me.
    Why don’t we speak up about this. I recently watched people/couples at the airport all sitting having a coffee together and the only “communication” was when one of them showed someone else something on their phone. I was so close to going over and telling them to get a real life and just talk. Probably just as well I didn’t but in circumstances like we saw in the video, why can’t we just say “no phones” or “really !”…or anything.
    But we have a voice and I refuse to believe that it is just people my age who feel like this. The real world is just passing by…..and no-one will notice it. I very much refuse to get out my phone when I am in a “waiting” situation.I prefer to look around, perhaps converse with someone nearby. My phone is not glued to my hip!!
    Clearly I can get a little passionate about this so probably time to stop !!!

  6. Ersu  

    The video is more a documentary of life, it is way way to subtle on the negative impact on phone use. At one point I was wondering if the main actor had some dysfunction that she couldn’t use a phone or maybe hers was broken? If you want to stop people using their phone, then remove the feedback from each post, remove the option to “like” a photo or to see the “number of viewers”. We have taught the younger generation to care more about marketing themselves then to be involved with life. And this video does nothing to show that.

  7. Rose  

    When i went out with my then 22 yr old son, he tod me i wasn’t allowed to bring my iPad…..when i complained….he went to his computer and changed my password remotely and refused to tell me what it was until he dropped me off at home at the end if the evening….sometimes the young know what they are doing….

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