This is what ‘Dreams’ are made of: Fleetwood Mac in action after all these years

Do you know who the third highest paid female musical artist is in the world? Nestled in between Katy Perry, Taylor

Do you know who the third highest paid female musical artist is in the world? Nestled in between Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga is a name as much loved by Katy Perry fans as it is by Beatles fans: Fleetwood Mac.

If it’s any surprise to you that Fleetwood Mac should hold a position in the top three female artists, then these clips of last night’s concert in Brisbane will surely remind you that they are, quite simply, the greatest band still touring, with both Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie worth close to $60 million.

Last night’s concert was apparently something of a revelation. With Stevie Nicks having vowed the band will be “doing this until we’re 9000 vampire years old”, the band started off on a dull note. But then the unthinkable happened. During the song Tusk, they completely messed up and guitarist Lindsey Buckhingham told the audience, “We’re going to say we’re not perfect, and we’re going to start that one again, OK?”

From there on in, it was pure Fleetwood Mac magic.

One reviewer described it like this: “There was just no sparkle – at least not until the second the band hiccupped. When the group hit silence – a musical brick wall – something magic happened. It was like they’d been given a wake-up call, a nudge to say they were slightly off their game, an embarrassing kick in the guts.”

Here are some of the highlights from the concert last night – what do you think? Have they still got it?

Fleetwood Mac will release the remastered edition of their 1979 album Tusk on December 4. Tusk was the  follow-up to the band’s 1977’s iconic Rumours and it sold four million copies.

Are you a fan of Fleetwood Mac? Which are your favourite songs? 


  1. Great night, still got it Fleetwood Mac! Don’t agree with all your comments, I think it was a timing / staging error that threw them off.

  2. Was there last night and loved it all. Chrissie was wonderful and mick still as mad as hell on the drums. Steve and Lindsay were as brilliant as they’ve always been and John was his usual calm self. They have never disappointed me yet.

  3. No sure how a BAND with two females and two males can be the third highest earning female musical artist in the world?

  4. Ha ha ha. “the greatest band still touring.” I think someone forgot “The Rolling Stones.” Australia must be heaven for superannuate bands living off distant reputations.

  5. Oh if they stuffed up it shouldn’t matter they said in melbourne it was there 110th concert since they started this tour Stevie looked a bit tired but performed like she all ways does

    • Tired? Drug-fucked more like it. I saw them at Boondall &1987-88 and they were absolutely marvellous. I saw them there again in 2004 and they were disgraceful and pathetic. They looked like dead people breathing. It’s hard to believe they would have improved a decade later, so I did not waste my money going to see them.

  6. Terri Rice  

    They are iconic & a great band to still command such a following after all these years. Will some / most of todays bands still be around next year – let alone 30+ years? + will these also rans still have their ” songs” played every day on prime time radio as Fleetwood Mac do ? The answer is professionalism + business acumen of course to keep them at the top of the hill – along with some others ( funnily enough, mostly from the same era ) Todays lot seem to burn out far too quickly – even though their music is good ( cold play for example ) – they just don’t seem to have the stamina for long careers.

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