This Hollywood actor is about to reveal something deeply personal – but is it our business?

It is easy to think Hollywood actors deserve to have their dirty laundry aired – after all, this is what

It is easy to think Hollywood actors deserve to have their dirty laundry aired – after all, this is what they signed up for isn’t it? They signed away their rights to their privacy long ago, but when it comes to private matters, do we really need to know?

One of TV’s biggest stars, Charlie Sheen, is set to reveal a deeply personal secret live on the US Today show on Tuesday. Many have speculated the veteran actor is about to announce he is HIV-positive – and it’s made headline news. But we have to wonder, does it matter? Charlie Sheen should feel entitled to keep his health issues to himself but yet there’s almost an expectation and requirement of him to tell the public about his struggle.

The National ENQUIRER has been investigating Charlie Sheen’s personal life for 18 months and recently unleashed explosive reports that the 50-year-old had HIV as a consequence of his hard partying and long list of lovers.

“Charlie thought he was indestructible and took no precautions — even though he was indulging in high-risk sex practices,” a close friend of the star said, the magazine revealed.

“Charlie had sex with multiple partner since learning his HIV status without informing them of his potentially deadly HIV infection,” one source told The ENQUIRER.

Now Sheen, who doesn’t know how he contracted the virus, “has been tortured by the thought that his acting genius will be forgotten,” explained a source. “Charlie’s worst fear is that he will be remembered not as a great actor, but as someone who contracted the disease.”

TMZ has just reported this morning that Charlie Sheen believes that “he beat the disease because it’s undetectable in his system”.

In the coming days, all will be revealed about Sheen’s health and personal life, though it remains to be seen why it continues to be necessary and obligatory for stars to do big interviews and give the people what they want. We all remember Ian Thorpe’s interview on Parkinson where he confirmed rumours he was gay, and Diane Sawyer’s viral sit-down with Caitlyn Jenner. The latter perhaps was a publicity stunt to promote another show, but it can’t be denied what it has done for transgender rights around the world.

If there’s good to come out of Charlie Sheen’s revelations tomorrow, it’s that more people can feel comfortable to be HIV-positive in a world that still shuns some with the disease.


Tell us, do you think fans and the general public has a right to know about Charlie Sheen’s HIV status? Will there be any good to come out of it or is it just blatant self promotion and for adoration/acceptance? 



  1. He is going to say he is HIV positive.
    According to him, he has lived a life of drugs and casual sex but also one of lies. Do we believe him or is he just trying to get back in the news again!!!!

  2. Well look if he does reveal it, it might act as a warning to others, he was obviously so arrogant and promiscuous that he overlooked the risks of HIV, I just hope he hasn’t given it to others. Perhaps this is karma, Sheen has a history of violence towards women

  3. If he has got this decease then he only has himself to blame, and not notifying his sex partners just shows he has no thought for his own life let alone anyone else’s. I have sympathy at all for him.

  4. It is not our business and although I sympathise with anyone in his position it is totally his decision whether or not I know.

  5. Not interested. If this is true and he knowingly had unprotected sex without telling his partners of his disease then he should be charged. I am sure this is against the law. If he did this then I hope he goes to jail.

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