This grandfather’s reaction to a vegan Christmas is hilarious!

How would you react if you sat down with your daughter and her family to a beautiful Christmas dinner of…

How would you react if you sat down with your daughter and her family to a beautiful Christmas dinner of… tofu and seaweed?

The look on this grandfather’s face when he realises there is no ham on the table is absolutely priceless and speaks volumes about the many phases and whims parents have to endure, even when their kids are long grown up!

Surprisingly, this ad is by Hallmark, maker of sappy cards and, usually, equally sappy commercials, but they have pushed the envelope (do you like what we did there?) this year, to make their Christmas ads a little less vanilla.

Some of their other ads include an OCD mum “letting” her children decorate the Christmas tree (while she secretly rearranges them all), a pair of overbearing new parents who think Christmas revolves around their child, and a typical family portrait in which great-grandma has to shout at everyone to smile.

Take a look here and tell us, how would you react to a vegan Christmas dinner? 

    • Rosemary  

      To all those people who think that a meal is nothing without inflicting pain on others, I hope reincarnation is real and you come back as a farm animal. Then you might understand how wrong your protests are. You can have a great meal that is good for the planet, for animals, for workers and yourself. Don’t be so selfish!

  1. ” if your Mother was alive today she’d roll over in her Grave” oh what a snort!!!!

  2. My daughter is vegan, my daughter in law coeliac. even then I couldn’t imagine I’d been seen in a favourable light if this was the only food on the table at Christmas or any time!

  3. When we have xmas lunch with all the grown kids they bring their own meat, those who eat meat that is.

    • Ham, seafood, lamb etc on our table and will be that way, bloody Vegans are as bad as those mad as left wing greenies mate

    • That’s right, I’m a Looney that voted libs last time but they lost me, so don’t know who to vote for next tome

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