Then & Now: New photos of Kate carrying Charlotte alongside old pictures of Princess Diana holding Harry

Princes, princesses, Earls and other family members joined the Queen on the balcony at Buckingham Palace while they watch the Grenadier

Princes, princesses, Earls and other family members joined the Queen on the balcony at Buckingham Palace while they watch the Grenadier Guards dressed in their best uniforms and bearskin hats march across the square to celebrate the monarch’s birthday.

The monarch chose a vibrant green hat decorated with flowers and a coat with beautiful brooch for the happy celebration.

As we watch Queen Elizabeth celebrate her birthday with the royal family at the Trooping the Colour event today, it’s hard to forget Princess Diana’s own moments at the same event with her sons back in the 80s and 90s.

Some new photos of Her Majesty The Queen have been released alongside old pictures of Lady Diana. The new photos show Queen Elizabeth in one of the brightest outfits she has ever worn while also looking very happy on her birthday celebration march. More than 25 years ago, Princess Diana was also at the same event with her children.

In this photo below, Kate Middleton wears a light peach dress with a hat in a style and colour choice similar to Princess Diana’s.


Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are photographed looking cheerful next to the Queen. This was Princess Charlotte’s first public appearance, joined by her brother Prince George as they appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the acrobatic Red Arrow planes display.

Photographs of Princess Diana was also released and here she is captured sharing a moment with Prince Harry while Prince William watches the marches.


More old photographs of Princess Diana at the previous Trooping events…


Then and now: In 1989, Princess Diana attended the Trooping event with Prince Harry and Prince William in the carriage. Fast forward into the future, Prince Harry sits in the carriage with his stepmother Camilla and Prince William’s wife, Kate.


It’s heartwarming to see Prince William happy with his little own family, Kate fits in with the royals and Prince Harry has grown to be a much loved prince.


Unfortunately, Prince Harry was not really visible as he was standing behind Prince William most of the time, keeping a low profile.


Watch highlights of the celebration here…

What do you think of these photographs? Do you like the Queen’s bright outfit?

  1. Angie  

    I think we need to stop comparing the Duchess of Cambridge with Princess Di. The Princess Dianna was, and always will be, an icon and was much admired but we must now let Kate shine in her own right.

    • Thelma Jones  

      Agreed Princess Kate is person in her own right –however lets not forget Princess Diana..
      Groomed the next line of Public British Royals.–

  2. I agree. There will never be a more Beautiful humane being as Princess Diania. Kate comes very very close.

  3. Kate is not Dianna and never will be she is a lovely young woman in her own right.and whether outshone Eugie and Beatrice is not her fault they both could do with better wardrobe advice however I do not agree that Pippa Middleton be given place above them she after all is a nobody whos sister is married to.a prince and Eugenie and Beatrice are Royal by birth this is wrong and the Queen should address it.

  4. Why the reference to “Kate Middleton” when she ceased using that name when she married Prince William?

    • Jean grey  

      Where is the reference to Kate Middleton referred to by Margaret Bothwell?

  5. Trish  

    The Queen looks amazing and I think the bright green looks wonderful. She has branched out colour wise of recent years and why not. As a die-hard Diana fan I would not have thought anyone could do her justice. However Kate doesn’t need to. She is already a person in her own right, is hands on with her children as Diana was and is absolutely stunning to boot. The reason is that not only is she all of those things in her own right, Diana raised two fantastic young men who still carry her influence today. They honour the heritage they have been born in to but they are both honourable and caring people one of whom has chosen a beautiful young lady thatI have no doubt Diana would have loved. Harry will do no less

  6. Jessie Brent  

    For goodness sake let Dianna rest in peace and let Kate get on with her life without being compared to her mother-in-law.

  7. Grace  

    Do you know something? I get really tired of all the Diana stuff. Charles must have done a pretty good job of raising those kids if they are as good as you say.

  8. Helen Butler  

    When is the comparing going to stop. Really bored with it all. We will never forget Diana, but William and Kate are a family in their own right now, not a copy version of Diana and Charles.

  9. FABULOUS!!!!Love the queens bright outfit,she stands out from the ones around her, and, ………
    Especially love Kate’s gorgeous hat!

  10. Genevieve Thompson  

    It is amazing how the Queen looks more like her mother as the older she gets.

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