The ‘Sound of Music’ cast delight train passengers with a surprise performance

Have you ever seen a gesture so wonderful it can not only make your day, but have you feeling that

Have you ever seen a gesture so wonderful it can not only make your day, but have you feeling that the world is suddenly a far more joyful, wonderful and unpredictable place?

The Australian cast of The Sound of Music, currently performing in Brisbane, recently surprised a train full of passengers with an impromptu public musical performance of Do-Re-Mi.

Amy Lehpamer, who plays the role of Maria, begins with her signature opening. The young actors playing her stepchildren, sitting anonymously throughout the train, rise one at a time to join in, causing passengers’ heads to swing back and forward in surprise.

Thanks to the quick thinking of a passenger, the entire performance was shared on Facebook, where it’s now making the days of thousands more viewers.

We heartily recommend watching this absolutely beautiful video below. It’s sure to put a skip in your step too.

First trip ever on the Brisbane trains and this happens! …. Just your average Thursday afternoon… A flashmob singing on the train. #thesoundofmusic #childhoodflashback #averagethursday Queensland Rail

Posted by Allport Millinery on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How would you respond if you saw a surprise musical performance like this? Have you had the chance to see The Sound of Music on stage?

  1. Joanne  

    One morning, commuting to work on train, it lost in-carriage lights between Roma St Tunnel, & the Station.

    All of a sudden, a beautiful bass male voice was heard, singing ‘Men of Harlech’! I was so pleased the singer was in my carriage! You could hear a pin drop!

    The lights came on again, to rapturous applause, for the singer. I don’t know who he was, but I’m sure he lit up everyone’s day in that carriage!

    Thank you, whoever you are, if you read this!

  2. Eluzabeth  

    Saw ‘SoM’ the other night. Very lacklustre performance, IMHO.

    Lorraine Bayley acted well.
    Marina Prior sang well.
    All the kids were good.

    The OUTSTANDING performer was the ‘Mother Abbess’ singing. She just blew everyone away, & deservedly got the LOUDEST applause, at the end! It WAS worth the ticket price alone, just to listen to her singing!

    The rest? Well let’s just say a lot of mis-casting went on.

    The film is STILL far, far superior, particularly the acting talents of (Sir) Christopher Plummer & (Dame) Julie Andrews.

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