The real reason why Prince Harry hasn’t found his princess

You would think that being a prince gives him the perfect advantage to find the perfect bride. But in what

You would think that being a prince gives him the perfect advantage to find the perfect bride. But in what could be his most revealing interview yet, Prince Harry has explained why he finds it hard to find a life partner — attention.

“Even if I talk to a girl, that person is then suddenly my wife, and people go knocking on her door,” said the 31-year-old prince. He says that he experiences “massive paranoia” about even talking to women, because of the attention that he gets. 

It’s hard to not be interested with royal affairs but the interest surrounding his relationships with Cressida Bonas (pictured) and Chelsy Davy really concerned him.

“If or when I do find a girlfriend, I will do my utmost to ensure that me and her can get to the point where we’re comfortable before the massive invasion that is inevitably going to happen into her privacy,” said Harry.

“To be fair, I haven’t had that many opportunities to get out there and meet people. At the moment, my focus is very much on work. But if someone slips into my life then that’s absolutely fantastic.”

“When people finish work in the City or wherever work is, if you want to have a bit of downtime, you might go to the pub with your mates.

“I do that less, because it’s not downtime for me.

“I don’t know who I’m going to bump into, I don’t know if someone’s going to try and grab a selfie. So there is very little private life.”

Harry went on to say he and other members of the royal family were “completely aware that we are in a very privileged position”.

“I will spend the rest of my life earning that privilege and trying to bring a spotlight on to things and causes that really matter to me, and hopefully matter to other people as well.

He said that his private life had to be private, and he hoped people would respect that.

Do you think royals deserve more privacy or is it part of the ‘job’? 

  1. Be  

    I think the Royals have a right to privacy but if they release s nippets of information for the public then we should all be happy. I think William & Kate have a good ballance. Princess Di got far more than her fair share . Sad.

  2. Think that Prince Harry should have more Privacy he deserves a good life would probably find it hard to get the girl of his choice a lot of young ladies do not like to be in the limelight therefore would not get involved with the Royals Look what happened to DIANA she was too young,for the position she took on with CHARLES didn’t, last long ,she has gone god bless her there is a lot of expectations to be in the Royal Family,although whoever Harry does find to be his soul mate I am sure he would .look after her and don’t think there would be a 3rd person in his married life ,RECKON he would be a good husband like PRINCE William is swith Kate

  3. Ian  

    Of course they do but we are talking about the English press here and they have no scruples and know no boundaries so it is difficult to deal with such a bunch of ill-disciplined morons.

    • Peter Robinson  

      Yes the Royals do need more privacy or as much as they can get. When his mother, Lady Diana was alive there were hundreds of unscrupulous Reporters and Photographers chasing her and his father for “that” Royal photo! Now there are potentially millions of unscrupulous Reporters and Photographers everywhere with Social Media, hoping for “that” Royal photo! We are seeing more of what the Royals are up to because of their embrace for the need to feed our “Celebrity” curiosity appetites. Give em a brake and let them get on with it.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    Not just Royalty deserve privacy everybody is entitled to it.

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