The Queen’s amazing achievement at 89 shows age is just a number

Whoever said age is just a number is right when it comes to Queen Elizabeth II – she has put

Whoever said age is just a number is right when it comes to Queen Elizabeth II – she has put the younger Royals to shame with some new figures.

According to UK’s Telegraph, the Queen carried out more engagements than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry combined.

She may be 90 in April, however Her Majesty carried out 306 engagements in the UK and 35 abroad in 2015, taking only a few days’ reprieve from the spotlight and constant flash of cameras and curtseying.

Her younger counterparts did much less in 2015 – the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry managed only 198 engagements between them in the UK and 94 abroad.

And even at 95, the Duke of Edinburgh, who will be 95 this year, managed 217 engagements at home and 33 abroad.

To be entirely fair, it’s not been a quiet year for any of the younger royals, with Prince Harry leaving the Army in 2015 and completing an extended conservation trip to Africa, around the same time his brother and sister-in-law welcomed baby Charlotte into the world.

Prince William also started a new job as an air ambulance pilot.

But perhaps the hardest working royal was Prince Charles, who undertook a staggering 380 engagements at home and 147 abroad, including a visit to Australia and New Zealand with the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.


On September 9, The Queen became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch when she surpassed the record held by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria and it looks like 2016 will be yet another busy year.

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  1. What a charming lady HRH is! I treasure the books about her that I have collected and kept. I hope my children will continue to treasure them on my behalf when I’m gone!

  2. I think she has the best of everything including medical treatment and staff….money can buy health.

    • I don’t agree Suzanne. I don’t have money but I’m healthy because I choose to eat well and exercise every day. My choice to spend my money on good wholesome foods and I supplement that with vitamins.

    • Yes, I do not agree either, she has been very lucky with her health and that is due to her life style. Good on her for her long jevidy.

    • Well done Anne Gilbert….Im glad you have good health.
      I do beleive though that the Queen would not encounter a waiting list nor be scheduled for an appointment 6 months down the track, have a dietician, nutritionist, doctor and physio on staff plus a gym and hydro at her beckon call…money can buy that…I have been on a waiting list 7 months atm.

    • I agree Suzanne Kader, I do admire her but they have the absolute best of everything, in particular health care.

    • Thanks Lee Horrocks…I just know how I struggle to pay for medication, a gym membership is a dream and staff to do things…but hey we are still in a lucky country…but she really has it sweet, born in the right place.

    • Don’t agree, how many wealthy people have died in spite of all their money, Steve Jobs for example. I’m sure if his money could have saved he would still be alive.

    • Jane Fisher, many cancers are caused by environmental factors, something most of us can do nothing about.

  3. Yep….would be hard to be polite non stop shake hands smile n wave….I hope she’s keeping a great diary on her real feelings…..she’s got to have met some doozies!

  4. I work with the aged, in their own homes and work with old ladies from 86 to 106 who are all healthy body and mind, just a little slower. It’s lovely to see them all dressed beautifully and caring about themselves.
    Queen Elizabeth looks wonderful but I imagine she has a few aches and pains but she doesn’t talk about it.

  5. I think she is a marvellous roll model for all the young Royals, her life style is so good that her health is great who knows how many more years she has left….I think she is going to live to 100 as she wants a letter from the Queen like all of us royalists do.

  6. Amazing can have all the money in the world it can not buy health..Health comes from your own habits and self control..And to the person who said about a parasites..They don’t live a harmonious life..And live to old age of any worth..

  7. Money can’t buy good health ,think of all the illnesses that alter us physically ,the queen obviously has none of these ,and does a wonderful job as she vowed to do when it suddenly came to her on the death of her father

    • She probably has her share of aches & pains but just doesn’t whinge about them, you can’t get to her age without a few problems

    • Yes she hides it well especially when she comes smiling down the steps on exiting an aeroplane ,with all those steps !!
      there must be many a day when she wakes up and thinks ‘oh no ,I’d like to stay home today’

  8. People need to take note of this lady ..

  9. I think she does a very good job and should take it easy she deserves it let the other royals do more

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