The Queen takes a style tip from Kate

She’s arguably the most stylish 90-year-old on the planet, but that doesn’t mean the Queen won’t take fashion advice from

She’s arguably the most stylish 90-year-old on the planet, but that doesn’t mean the Queen won’t take fashion advice from those around her.

In fact, it looks like Her Majesty has taken a leaf out of the Duchess of Cambridge’s book by deciding to forgo a new dress at her latest royal engagement and recycling an outfit from the past.

The Queen is known to carefully pick each outfit she wears, often choosing bright colours so she can easily be seen through the crowd by all those who turn up hoping to get a glimpse of the monarch.

Arriving in Liverpool yesterday though, she wore a lovely flower-patterned dress with a matching pink coat and hat – the exact same outfit she wore to the 2013 Royal Ascot.

The only difference this time was her handbag, something which she is very particular about.

She reportedly has over 200 in her collection and has them specially made with longer handles so she can shake hands with people without her purse getting in the way.

It seems that everything the Queen does when it comes to getting dressed in the morning is thoughtfully planned out so anyone who gets to meet or see her has a seamless experience.

It’s not often that she wears the same outfit twice though, which is why her latest look took many by surprise.

Kate is known for being thrifty and recycling her beautiful ball gowns, coats and shoes multiple times.

The Duchess reportedly doesn’t see the point in spending loads of money on new designer outfits when she has a wardrobe full of them already.

It’s a trait that has earned her lots of respect throughout Britain, with many praising her for not being wasteful with money and understanding the value of a dollar (or pound).

While the Queen was greeted by hundreds of happy royal watchers in Liverpool, it seems not everyone was thrilled to meet her.

One photographer captured a picture of a little boy bursting into tears after he handed Her Majesty a bunch of flowers.

The Queen took it all with good humour though, giving a small chuckle and a wave to him as she moved on.

What do you think about the Queen’s style? Are you a fan of the royals?

  1. Jenny  

    Yeah she dresses well but someone should give her some makeup tips. Lizzie has a distinct makeup ring around her neck.

  2. Barbara bradshaw  

    This is ridiculous, to say they are ” thrifty” for God’s sake does buying a ,500£ hat and a 900£ dress not to mind the bag at say 600£ and a couple of shoes another 500£ plus matching jewellery at approximately ,1000£ and then wearing the whole shebang twice or God forbid a third time constitution THRIFT!!!!!!! What sort of silly article is this ?

  3. Jane mcmellon  

    This is rubbish as the Queen is well known for recycling her outfits. She is actually quite thrifty.

  4. Mary  

    I feel for Dame Lorna Muirhead, the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, seen here with the Queen. Many SAS readers would have similar difficulties if they had to dress for royal occasions. Large feet and heavy legs can’t cope with high heels. Her outfit could have been more streamlined but it’s the silly fascinater that just makes her look comical. If you like hair on older women, she would have looked so much better without the silly frippery on her head. I wonder what Kate would suggest.

    • Gemma  

      Yes, for a woman her size, she should’ve worn a more appropriate outfit. She looks like a ‘frump’, & didn’t even bother getting her ‘hair done’!

      She must’ve had a late night before, as yawning, behind programme, whilst standing next to the Queen! Off with her head!

      AND don’t wear a fascinator! Looks really dumb! Nearly as dumb as Princess Eugenie’s ugly fascinator.

  5. Janine  

    Why’s the Queen wearing white gloves, with black shoes, & handbag?

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