The Duchess of Cambridge’s no-nonsense parenting style is winning praise

Little Prince George could easily be the most spoiled and privileged boy on the planet, but thanks to his mum’s
Image: Facebook/TheCambridges.

Little Prince George could easily be the most spoiled and privileged boy on the planet, but thanks to his mum’s sensible rules he’s reportedly growing into a polite, grounded and playful child.

From day one, the Duchess of Cambridge has made it clear that both she and Prince William wanted their children to have the most normal upbringing possible giving the circumstances.

They rely far less on nannies, cleaners and cooks than other royals before them and spend as much time as possible with George and Charlotte.

When it comes to discipline, Kate reportedly relies on the book ‘Positive Discipline: The First Three Years and The Happiest Toddler on the Block’ to help her set boundaries and keep her energetic little boy in line.

Despite William saying on George’s first birthday, “He got too many things. He’s far too spoiled,” it seems the youngsters every day life is much more down to earth with Kate putting her foot down when he starts to act up.

It’s been reported before that like many children, George can be a fussy eater and has even thrown his food on the floor before after refusing to eat it.

When this happens, Kate makes George clean up the mess and tells him he can eat it or go hungry. If he still refuses, she sends him to bed without dinner.

If he throws a tantrum in the playground he’s given one warning and if he still doesn’t stop he gets taken home immediately – he’s even been seen dragged kicking and screaming from the playground!

Perhaps best of all, when George has a tantrum at home over something trivial like wanting a new toy or not getting his way, Kate has been said to get down on the ground with him and mimic his tantrum! This ends up with George giving his mum a strange look before bursting into laughter.

Both William and Kate have been praised for their sensible parenting style, with people saying it’s refreshing to see the royals take such a normal approach to raising their family without all the fanfare that has come before.

What are your thoughts on Kate’s parenting style? Did you have similar rules for your kids?

  1. Kath Hurley  

    Fantastic.. I used to do the tantrum bit with my kids, done it with the grandies too… Still do it with my ‘in their 40’s” kids when they feel sorry for themselves…..
    Lol. But it’s too hard to get on/off the floor now so I drop my lip and whine… Works.. Good on Kate and William…

    • Not buying it.  

      Good for what? For being lazy, arrogant, sly, and passing out all those heavily-photoshopped pictures of the kiddies? They just want gullible people to believe their nonsense. Everybody in the U.K. knows what they are all about – and the fraud they are perpetuating.

  2. Very sensible parenting. Love their mainly hands on approach instead of passing the responsibility on hired help.

    • Not buying it.  

      No, it’s contrived nonsense – Kate and Wills are lazy and have to rely on PR. How does a mother with green eyes and a father with light blue eyes have a child with DARK BROWN eyes? Genetic marvel, huh?

  3. Ros  

    Did the same thing on the floor with mine. If my grand daughter pouts I refer to her “duck face” as not acceptable behaviour. she huffs a bit and then laughs.

  4. Not buying it.  

    Why does the kid have dark brown eyes and look nothing like his “parents”. Don’t fall for the PR nonsense – Kate and Wills use this kid because their popularity is at an all-time low. The nannies raise these so-called “royal” children.

    • Christie  

      George looks like his father. Catherine has brown eyes, and difference shades of color can genetically vary. You know that nannies are raising the children by what evidence? By the way, isn’t daycare just a form of having a nanny?

    • Nikita  

      For one: George is the spitting image of his father. The baby pictures of Prince William prove that. Secondly: the issue of the eyes was touched upon by doctors and scientists when their true color started showing through. Kate has green eyes, not brown first of all, and William has blue. Those combinations can either produce blue eyes, green eyes, or very dark brown almost black eyes. It’s called genes.

  5. Jennifer Dickson  

    My 13 month old daughter lay down and held her breath when in a tantrum one day. I lay down and did likewise tho I was 8 months pregnant and looked like a beached whale. Daughter got such a shock she stopped and sat up, and it was then I saw my very startled husband and father staring at me as if I had lost it. 50 years later I still blush at the picture I made. It was however the only time daughter tried this on. Good on them for their child rearing actions which are a good example to others. As for those who suggest it’s a lie and the Nannies do the work, or maybe the ghost of their grandmother Diana, well do these people live with the Cambridges?

  6. So refreshing to see these Royals treating their munchkins as regular kids. With Kate’s setting boundaries & not accepting bad behaviour their children will be balanced, grounded, happy & charming like their parents. Congrats to Kate and William. Diana will be watching with a beautiful smile on her face!! How refreshing it will be to have Royals with a handle on the “real” world. Almost enough to make me against a Republic for Australia!!

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