The Duchess of Cambridge requests replica souvenir be removed from Royal gift shop

Imagine if a precious ring you had was replicated and sold for much less than it was sentimentally worth, in

Imagine if a precious ring you had was replicated and sold for much less than it was sentimentally worth, in a souvenir gift shop – you wouldn’t be happy about it, would you?

Royal insiders have revealed the Duchess of Cambridge requested her £1 million sapphire and diamond engagement ring to be excluded from a new collection of replica Royal jewellery going on sale to the public.

Many of us would be able to spot the iconic ring in a line up – we know it was originally Princess Diana’s, which was given to the Duchess by her husband Prince William. It holds huge significance.

International Business Times reports expected the ring was to be the centrepiece of the collection but despite being manufactured, the replicas have vanished from the ‘Princess Diana jewellery collection’.

Members of the public were going to be able to buy the replica online and at the Historic Royal Palaces gift shop at William and Kate’s official residence, Kensington Palace, but is now nowhere to be seen.

What’s confusing some is that despite the replica ring’s removal from sale, the ring’s matching earrings and necklace, will still be made available for £14.99 and £29.99 respectively.

A spokesman for manufacturers Bill Skinner Studio told Mail Online: “We do make the ring but they don’t want us to supply it to the gift shop.”

The reason behind the choice to stop the ring’s sale is no doubt because of the real ring’s deep personal significance and sentimental value for her and her husband, Prince William.

A Palace source said: “I expect the feeling at Kensington Palace is that it’s rather naff to sell cheap copies of Diana’s engagement ring. One can hardly blame Kate for vetoing the idea of them selling a knock-off of the ring she wears every day”.

Diana, Princess of Wales, chose the £28,000 blue sapphire ring, set with 14 diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-carat white gold, for her engagement to Prince Charles.

The official announcement of the engagement was given by Clarence House on 17 November, 2010. Prince William said at the time that the ring “was very special to me” and that giving it to her was “my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out on today”.

Tell us, would you do the same in her position?


  1. Someone should tell her that ring was replicated and sold in jewellery shops when Diana was alive. It was even sold as costume jewellery

    • go to ebay I just went there and there are hundreds of Princess Diana replica rings for sale, some are real some are costume, this ring had a history before Kate got it, It is a bit late now to try to stop it

    • I just had a look and you are right, if you go to ebay type in Princess Diana ring. Diana was very loved and very popular and everyone loved her and wanted a ring like her, apparently they still do and it is not even listed as Kate’s ring

    • I have mixed feelings about this…and don’t recall Diana being upset about it, they were quickly made after her engagement. Perhaps Diana realised that – “To Copy Is The Most Sincere Form Of a Compliment”. They could remove it from the Royal Gift Shop, but that style of ring is sold… so can’t do much about that.

    • So what? That is the past history of the ring. It is now Kates engagement ring, it has a new history and she is as entiled as anyone else to have her own history respected.

    • You are right Colleen , the horse has well and truly bolted on this and Diana was gracious lady , I think she knew many admired her

    • excuse me, but the word History Liz denotes that is has a past, before it was kates ring it was Diana’s and I belive many tday still want it beause it was Diana’s, Kate might be a nice girl but she is not the star Diana was. Personally I would NOT buy my wife that ring, because every man and his dog has already bought a copy, there is nothing unique about it now

    • Yes the local jeweller sold me one years ago…a bit petty…just my opinion…the trouble is these days the synthetic stones are unremarkable compared to the real thing but for us commoners who cares.

    • some take it like your opinion is a personal insult to people need to get out of that habit..everyone is entitled to an opinion. your opinion on this ring or most other topics won’t change a thing

    • If it’s the Diana, Princess of Wales, collection then maybe the ring should be in there.

    • Kerry Goodwin  

      Its a very common style of ring that would have been around long before Diana received it!

  2. Why shouldn’t they want to keep something just for themselves, especially something with so much significance and sentimental value? With so much of their lives on display – some which should be able to be kept private from prying paparazzi but usually isn’t – and with everything else seemingly fair game for public comment and replication, surely this isn’t asking too much.

  3. Her name is not Kate Middleton. I am not a royalist but people should be known by their correct name. She is Kate Windsor or Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

  4. I have a replica of this ring, the gold is real but the stone are cubic zirconia. My husband bought it for me when Diana was alive

    • My Daughter has one too, only hers are real diamonds and the sapphire is spectacular.

    • Of course yours is beautiful too, I was just pointing out that there are jewellers out there that are copying the ring so it is a little late for Kate to worry about it now.

    • Trish Daley Exactly, they were already in production immediatly. I recall Diana saying that after the proposal, when they sought the ring that it was certainly not the most expensive on offer, she just chose it because she loved the design.

  5. Good call Kate…I think that was a very respectful and honourable call to make…Keep it exclusive and precious to the memory of Diana and personal to Kate and William…

  6. That’s fair enough but I wish people would stop referring to her as ‘Middleton’, this is no longer her name. I believe its Duchess Kathryn Wales

  7. Glad someone said she is not Kate Middleton!. Yes, the ring is very special to them both, even though Kate once said she wished she had known Diana (or words to that effect)

  8. I’m not a sentimental person so I don’t see the fuss , this ring is replicated everywhere

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