The changing face of Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is one of the few celebrities out there who has embraced the idea of ageing gracefully and taken

Helen Mirren is one of the few celebrities out there who has embraced the idea of ageing gracefully and taken it all in her stride.

The 70-year-old star seems to live by her own rules and has worked tirelessly to spread the message that getting older doesn’t mean you have be ‘old’.

She is the face of L’oreal Paris Age Perfect and regularly gives younger stars a run for their money on the red carpet.

It’s her no-nonsense attitude that has really won over people though.

The actress isn’t afraid to let fly and tell the truth and has said that if she could go back and change anything in her life, she would have told people to get stuffed more often… Although she used slightly more colourful language.

“Unfortunately, at least for my generation, growing up we didn’t say f*** off and I love the fact that girls are so much more confident and outspoken than my generation were,” Helen said.

“We were sort of brought up to be polite and sometimes politeness, in certain circumstances, is not what’s required.

“You’ve got to have the courage to stand up for yourself occasionally when it’s needed.”

Take a look at the video of Helen below and tell us: does she look even better now than in her youth?

Are you a fan of Helen Mirren? What’s your favourite film of hers?

  1. might be my imagination but does her nose look bigger now ? Helen is recognizable at any age

    • Beverley  

      Either the way her makeup is applied, or maybe yes – cosmetic surgery. (Nothing against that)

  2. Beverley  

    I might be in the minority here but i am getting tired of reading about how wonderful she is for her age. She seems blessed with the genes she has, plus anyone who wears the type of expensive clothes she can afford is going to look good. I bet if she slummed around my local supermarket in a daggy worn out tracksuit with bedraggled hair and no make up, looking poor, no-one would look at her twice. Not sour grapes on my part, just what I think is a realistic assessment of the situation.

    • Jennefer  

      It’s amazing what not having children doesn’t do to you

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