Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe’s big plans

Despite reports of a top secret wedding plan earlier this month, Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe have denied being romantically
Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe have been reported to be working on a big project together.

Despite reports of a top secret wedding plan earlier this month, Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe have denied being romantically linked. And they have done so countless of times. However, this time, a magazine has claimed that Terri and Russell are taking their relationship to the next level – in business.
The glossy has reported the pair are ‘finalising’ plans to expand Queensland’s renowned Australia Zoo into California.

A source said that the pair’s project will cost a whopping $250 million, with construction kicking off in late 2017.

The friend of the Hollywood actor revealed the plan to go international has Russell’s “full attention”.
“Russell convinced Terri that this would not only be a great way to earn money to support her Wildlife Warriors appeals, it would also give her a global platform to take Australia Zoo’s conservation program to the next level,” the source told New Idea.

“He knows how much conservation and wildlife education means to her and wanted to help her take the Australia Zoo dream global.”

Despite the couple denying they were in a relationship and getting married, the source has once again told New Idea that a wedding is still on the cards. It looks like someone Russell might need to take a good look at the people in his camp to ensure he can be among people he trusts.

“They’re committed to getting married and seeing their relationship go to the next level – having a business together is a natural progression of that,” they said as quoted by Daily Mail. Whatever it is, it’s still wonderful to see a friendship that focuses on supporting each other when times are hard.

What do you think of this partnership?

  1. Like, who bloody cares?
    Why should we be expected to live our lives vicariously through these “stars”, with this garbage information force-fed to us by the media?

  2. Fenella  

    Couldn’t give a flying f@&$ what either of these two do!

    Two huge ego’s full of nothing…….

    Both as boring as each other……..

    • Peter McKenzie  

      Why do people have to be so nasty,I think she has done a great job and if he wants to support her for what ever reason then good him and her.If you can’t be nice keep it to yourself.

  3. Gosh, can’t people be friends and business partners without the gossip? It is no ones business if they are more than friends. Good luck to them in their business relationship and leave their personal lives out of the gossip. They both have children to consider please be respectful of the children and them as well. I never believe the trash that comes from ” reliable sources or so called friends”.

    • Christine I couldn’t agree with you more. Don’t buy these trashy mags and who needs enemies when you have friends like that

  4. J Sarkozi  

    Just another imaginary story whose sole purpose is to sell advertising on these (and other similar) sites.

  5. Pam siljak  

    Who cares don’t like Terri anyway

  6. Bob Beveridge  

    If all of the other people, who commented here, DON’T CARE ? Why did they A.Care to read the article. or B. Write a COMMENT ! Just saying !

  7. For a start-off, Bob. I don’t care and never did. And, what’s more, I never will. I didn’t read the story … just the mention of these “stars” and the associated pic constitute the best reasons I can think of for NOT delving into it.

  8. Mary-Anne  

    Interestingly, she’s not wearing her Wedding Ring, in the above photo.
    Most widows’ I know continue to wear theirs’, after their husband’s death.
    Mostly because they’re not interested in being ‘ in the market’ anymore………

    Maybe she’s been crocodile hunting, or some equally stupid activity, which precludes the wearing of it.

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