Terri Irwin and Russell Crowe wedding is off

Despite previous reports that Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin were set to wed, this week, Woman’s Day has reported Terri Irwin’s

Despite previous reports that Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin were set to wed, this week, Woman’s Day has reported Terri Irwin’s wedding to Russell is ‘off’ so that she can focus on her children, Bindi, 18, and Robert, 13.
However, according to the publication, Terri, 52, still ‘loves’ the Gladiator actor, reports Daily Mail. “But I think talk of a wedding is premature to say the least,” they said, adding her priority is to look after her children.
They added a relationship could happen one day but for now, “it’s the love of two friends who like and respect each other.”

Just last month, New Idea claimed Terri and Russell were ready to take their so-called relationship to the next level – going public and saying ‘I do’.
According to the magazine, the pair were set to go public with their romance because the mother-of-two didn’t ‘want to hide it any longer’.
A source close to Terri reportedly told the magazine: “You can totally tell they’re into each other and have been for a very long time.”
‘Obviously Russ has been through a lot of pain because of how much he loved Danielle and Terri relates to that because she’s struggled to find anyone who’s matched up to Steve.

“This is a big reason they’re so compatible – they’re on the same wavelength about never expecting to find true love again,” the source explained.
They added the couple have spoken about tying the knot in a ‘small and intimate’ wedding in late 2018.

When asked to confirm the story, an Australian Zoo representative laughed, telling Daily Mail Australia: “All of these reports are completely false.
“Terri and Russell are not dating and are certainly not planning a wedding.”

But the pair have been linked to one another before.
In May, New Idea again reported an ‘insider close to the actor’ claiming the couple were unable to ‘fight their love any longer.’
At the time, an Australian Zoo spokesperson dismissed the reports, saying: ‘She’ll be flattered!
“Russell Crowe is a long-time friend of the Irwin family and has been for many years, [but] the report that Terri and Russell are romantically linked is simply untrue.”

“The truth is, they’re both at similar stages of their lives and have so much in common – kids, looking for love, big careers.
“It was only a matter of time before they fell in love,” claimed the source.

Terri is mother to Bindi and Robert – who she shared with late husband Steve Irwin – who died after a stingray attack in 2006.
Meanwhile, Russell has two sons, Tennyson, 10, and Charles, 12, with his ex Danielle Spencer.

Would you like to see Terri find new love? What’s the hardest thing about moving on?

  1. Margaret Mason  

    Did Russell and Terri actually ever know there was to be a wedding? Why should we believe anything published by New Idea, Woman’s Day or Daily Mail. None of them are actually noted for their accurate reporting – especially about celebrities.

    • Marlee  

      The magazines mentioned are gutter press and I never buy them anymore .. Women’s Weekly is the only reliable magazine.

  2. K. Scott  

    I agree .I don’t believe there was ever a wedding planned. They are probably friends that is all . It is about time New Idea got their facts straight before they put this stuff in their magazine. The only good part is the recipes and crosswords . The stories are rubbish as time and time again they are proved wrong.

  3. Maur  

    I no longer buy these magazines . They are just fake reports and untruths … In fact it is a very long time since I even looked at them.

  4. It wouldn’t be the first time or I suggest the last time that these magazines make up stories purely to sell there products.

  5. Annette Strong  

    There never was going to be a wedding. The media need to check their facts and not be so quick to report articles just to sell magazines.

  6. J Sarkozi  

    Was it ever on? Perhaps only in the vacuous minds of trashy magazine editors….

  7. Stephen  

    Russell Crowe just happens to be a nice guy who has friends as friends regardless of gender. Remember when Nicole Kidman’s marriage died and Cruise made her have a foetal DNA test after losing her baby, it was Crowe who rushed her away into holiday hiding. Not for sex, not for marriage, simply to care for her as a FRIEND out of the spotlight. He has a similar relationship with Terri Irwin, as he does with many people he has known for many years.

  8. Greg Hills  

    Apart from just being a rather nothing article based upon fictitious, “that is what we want to happen” stories from New Idea, the Over60 writer cannot even quote “Australia Zoo” as correct. They wrote it down twice as “Australian Zoo”.
    Come on, if you want to be a legimitate, social media magazine, then at least edit your articles properly!

  9. Helen  

    I’ve obviously been living under a rock, who cares anyway

  10. Diana  

    The women’s magazines are pure fiction. They make up anything to sell what are now “celebrity” rags. I don’t believe a word they write and the only good section in them is the crosswords.

  11. Robyn  

    I have not bought either New Idea or Womans Day for a long time now – you simply cannot believe the scandalous rubbish they print. How they can get away with it I don’t know but if I was someone in the public eye and/or celebrity I would sue them for as much as I could get.

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