Sunrise hosts humiliate Burt Reynolds – and get caught out

Have you ever said something you shouldn’t have and been caught out? If you have, then you can imagine just

Have you ever said something you shouldn’t have and been caught out? If you have, then you can imagine just how David Koch and Samantha Armytage are feeling right now, having been caught out in the worst possible way – gossiping about a very famous guest.

The had just completed an extremely quirky and curious interview with screen legend Burt Reynolds, during which he flirted with Ms Armytage and offered to show her around his house.

“I’d like to show you the rest of my house, darling,” said the Smokey and the Bandit star.

Ms Armytage blushed and giggled, unable to speak for the remainder of the interview with the 79-year-old.

The interview itself was, to be honest, a bit of a train-wreck, but the awkwardness had only just begun. Thinking they no longer had Mr Reynolds live on the line, Kochie and Ms Armytage preceded to debrief, with Kochie commenting on the way Mr Reynolds repeatedly touched his nose during the interview.

Of course, Mr Reynolds was still on the line and, judging by the look on his face, he was highly unimpressed. Unfortunately, the TV hosts didn’t react very well to learning that their guest had overheard what they had to say.

Watch the clip here:


Burt Reynolds Can Still Hear You Guys!“I’M STILL HERE!”: Sam & Kochie didn’t realise Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds was still listening to the show when they said this… #BUSTED #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Sunday, December 13, 2015

You can see the interview with Burt Reynolds, who is promotion a new tell-all memoir, here:

What do you think – a harmless mistake or should they have known better? Share your thoughts.

  1. Gee – really? C’mon Aussies you can do better than that for heavens sake. Truly – we are seen as a graceless, naiive, rowdy lot – and this proves it. You better clean that up – publicly because it was done publicly.

  2. Please turn over to 10, at least they are not rude, have manners & have fun, except when Denise is on, wants to steal the limelight from everyone

  3. No surprise here! That’s why I don’t watch Sunrise, also with Kochi’s behaviour when the mine collapsed in Tasmania!

    • In Tasmania? He tried to push his way in, no consideration for those who were actually doing their job with rescuing the miners! You had to see it to believe it!

    • He had to Get past Bill Shorten first , he was there large as . life every day , every minute , made it political. NOT that he actually did anything

    • Dawn Bruce, do you have to make everything political? I was asked the question about Kochi not Bill Shorten! Get with the programme! I’ve noticed your typing of late is getting very sloppy, maybe you should take a rest from Facebook! It can be quite addictive! Take care! ☺

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