Sir David Attenborough says he supports assisted suicide and would consider it

It’s something not many of us want to think about but there are some who do – the possibility of

It’s something not many of us want to think about but there are some who do – the possibility of assisted suicide/euthanasia to end suffering.

There’s been much debate about the ethics of euthanasia in the last few years especially, and now celebrities are putting their faces to the cause.

One of the more unlikely supporters of assisted suicide is Sir David Attenborough, though he has one stipulation: he only backs it if the problems of misuse could be solved.

The wildlife presenter spoke to BBC Radio 4, and he said he himself would want assistance to commit suicide if he was “really having a wretched life”.

In England, British MPs rejected a Bill to introduce assisted suicide, with concerns being raised over the potential for misuse, reports The Christian Institute.

Speaking to the Costing the Earth programme, Sir David said that the issues were “very complicated” and involved philosophical and medical questions.

Sir David told presenter Tom Heap: “I suppose I do really, but if you could solve all the problems of dealing with the misuse of such a right”.

“When you see poor people, poor in the sense of having some wretched disease, pleading for their lives to be brought to an end… It’s difficult to think that they don’t deserve that right today,” he said.

The veteran broadcaster also said he had concerns about the world’s growing population. Sir David said that families should stop having excessive numbers of children and branded the Catholic church’s stance on contraception an “extraordinary blind spot”.

A spokesman for Care Not Killing said: “I think it’s sad that such a much loved figure would make comments like that, but he has clearly recognised that there are very real dangers with changing the laws around assisted suicide and euthanasia”.

The debate in general raises many questions, and some believe having the option to end their suffering would be too tempting and instead they should be asking the government to make life more dignified instead of death.

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