Sir Cliff Richard has something to say

After multiple sexual abuse allegations, 22 months of evidence collection and being investigated, Sir Cliff Richard can finally rest and hopefully recover
Sir Cliff Richard has endured so much and now, he has something to say...

After multiple sexual abuse allegations, 22 months of evidence collection and being investigated, Sir Cliff Richard can finally rest and hopefully recover from all the trauma he had endured – He has been told he will face no further action over historical sex abuse claims and says he is ‘pleased’. The 75-year-old pop star also had to endure an agonising four-week wait to learn whether the decision not to charge him over the allegations would be reversed.

But today the review concluded in Sir Cliff’s favour. Sir Cliff was the subject of a long-running South Yorkshire Police investigation which centred on accusations made by four men and dating between 1958 and 1983, reports Daily Mail.

The CPS said in a statement: “In accordance with the scheme, a CPS lawyer who was not involved in the original decision-making process has completed a full review of the evidence and has concluded that the decisions not to charge were correct.”

Following the announcement, Sir Cliff said: “As I have said previously, I’m innocent, so I’m obviously pleased with today’s CPS decision and the speed with which they reached it.
“I hope that it brings this matter to a close.”

Prosecutors reviewed the case after the main accuser appealed for the evidence to be reconsidered but it proved to backfire the accuser. The man – whose claim was found to be riddled with inaccuracies – sparked the original police investigation in April 2014. He told officers that as a young boy he was sexually assaulted by Sir Cliff in 1983 at a rally in a Sheffield stadium for the US evangelist Billy Graham. Sir Cliff revealed the man’s account was full of errors. He said: ‘The accuser got everything wrong. He got the year wrong. That rally wasn’t until 1985. It [the attack] was supposed to have happened in a room that hadn’t even been built then.”

The singer said South Yorkshire Police should have ‘dumped that there and then’ in 2014. Instead detectives continued to appeal for witnesses, even though several officers who had been part of the security on the night in question came forward offering to speak up for the star.

“They were ignored,” said Sir Cliff. “They phoned the lawyers independently and said they would like to make a statement saying they were there, on guard, and they didn’t think it was possible.”

But senior CPS lawyers took just a few weeks to reject the evidence collected by detectives over 22 months, raising concerns about the handling of the investigation.

Do you think the people involved in this investigation should apologise for all the grief?

  1. gwen  

    Sir Cliff Richard should be owed more than an apology..I could only image what that poor man has been going through and I’m glad its over for him. I only hope this is the end of it all and he can now get some peace…

  2. I certainly think he deserves an apology and compensation for all that he has gone through. It is unforgivable that they did not look into all sides at the time and not listen to those that were there. Why is it everything is so one sided. I always knew that cliff was innocent and the people bringing allegations were just after money I think. They should be the ones hounded now. Hope you Cliff feel free and clean and get over all this quickly , so feel for you.

  3. Greg Hills  

    Sir Cliff Richard has been a “born again Christian” in name and practice for the best part of 60 years.
    I am sure his friend, the Rev. Billy Graham would have vouched for him if his dementia allowed him too.
    Sir Cliff certainly would never engage in this practice as it goes against his religious teachings.

    • It’s a pity that many other men in various religious orders didn’t see the conflict between their teachings and their actions.

      • Elaine Marten  

        if their faith and belief is true, then their actions would show it, as in Cliffs case…I would highly doubt the trueness of a faith that would allow anyone to act different in such huge ways, because they just couldn’t do it.

  4. Lynne Mullney  

    Sir Cliff Richard has been treated so terribly. It was wrong for him to be named unless charges were laid. I would never have believed it unless he actually admitted it himself. I have been a fan of his since I was 13 and admire the way he has lived his life. He will deal with this in his usual dignified way but I hope he sues the pants off them.

    • Suing the pants off them is probably a poor choice of words in the circumstances.

  5. H. Mallinson  

    Typical British police cover-up. I’ve lived in the 3rd world and they had nothing on these guys !!!

  6. Lynn Delmont  

    Pleased to here it is at long last over for Sir Cliff. An apology cannot right this wrong, but would help.

  7. Aidan Crabtree  

    All those involved shoud be prosecuted for what they have tried to do.

  8. Hazel Miller  

    So pleased to hear that it is finally over for you Sir Cliff. You have stood firm as a Christian for many years and our Lord has rewarded you for you faithfulness. God bless you.

  9. Vicki Mclanaghan  

    I hope most people didn’t believe it. No not nice for Cliff Richards to go through something Like that.

  10. Pat  

    So pleased it is all over for you cliff,my best wishes

  11. Susan  

    Cliff is not finished with them yet, he is going to the House of Lords on the 17th October to speak to them about changing the law on anonymity, he was very much denigrated with all this, he should never have been named, he was never charged with anything and yet the BBC and South Yorkshire Police went for him like a pack of dogs. He will have his day in court with these the BBC and The SYP and I for one will be cheering him on. I have been there from the beginning of his career and met him numerous times the most recent in August at his winery and he is the nicest person you could wish to meet

    • Una Dean  

      I completely agree. He should sue the pants off them all.

  12. Pamela  

    All who accused him should be gaoled and fined to pay him compensation!

    Women do this all too often – and get away with it!

    • Joan Marshall  

      I am a woman and a fair minded woman. Too many women have spoiled it for good women. In this horrible world we live in if you do not have a partner you can be accused of all sorts and I know why the reason being society and parents have put it upon us that if we do not have a partner then there is something wrong. Usually it is because people are jealous that they have not the guts to go it alone and have PEACE in their lives.

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