Sir Cliff Richard could endure his ‘living hell’ once more

Just when you thought Sir Cliff Richard could start to put the pain of the last couple of years behind

Just when you thought Sir Cliff Richard could start to put the pain of the last couple of years behind him, it has been revealed that the legendary musician is facing fresh anguish.

According to The Guardian, one of Sir Cliff’s accusers has challenged the decision not to prosecute him over sex abuse claims.

An application has been made under the victims’ right to review after the previous investigation closed.

The right to review makes it easier for alleged victims to seek a review if the CPS decides not to charge a suspect, to discontinue the case or offer no evidence in court. Victims can also include bereaved relatives or partners, and parents if the victim is aged under 18 years.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has confirmed the case is being investigated, and an independent lawyer will revisit the evidence presented to the CPS to determine if they made the correct decision or not.

After a lengthy investigation prosecutors dismissed the case against Sir Cliff in June. In July, Sir Cliff announced he would launch a £1 million action against the BBC and police for turning his life ‘upside down’.

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“I can’t imagine ever forgetting what these people have done to me. It has damaged me in many, many ways,” Sir Cliff said at the time.

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  1. Angie Taylor  

    You have to wonder what drives such people it is considered by the major majority of people including myself that there is an underlying motive for this awful treatment of Sir Cliff. Is it jealousy? is it a monetary thing? or is it just plain vindictiveness Please please let common sense prevail and leave one of our greatest entertainers alone he does not deserve such persecution . I am only one of millions that believe in his total innocence

    • Bev norman  

      U don’t know if he did or he didn’t what about rolf Harris just because there famous doesn’t mean they don’t do the wrong thing

      • Jan Moon  

        Rolf Harris always seemed pretty dodgy – I wasn’t surprised at all. But leave Cliff alone, he has suffered enough. Obviously there was no evidence in the first place, but perhaps this accuser needs to justify himself to other people

  2. Joan Thomas  

    I’m not one of his fans, but I do believe in his honesty, integrity and innocence. He’s been hounded beyond endurance as it is – I say leave him alone.

    • beverley Butterworth  

      I agree. Dont understand the greed for money to put his character through it. And his age. it doesnt get less invasive with age. My faith is in Cliff and in the justice system. He will shine.xxxxcliff.

  3. Elfa Lerae  

    Of course he may not be mainstream heterosexual…But he admires and loves his women fans and as far being a paedophile…god what a horrendous thing to do to him….he has never eiven me that vibe at all. He is a performer who has given his life to his art. The end.

  4. Fran  

    Why do we always doubt the victim. They have to prove they are not liars as much as the accused has to prove their innocence. Being a good Christian has nothing to do with this matter.

  5. Tris  

    I totally agree with the above statements but on the other end one does wonder if they are pursuing Sir Cliff yet again.. just what he hell do they have that the court blew off for them to make an application under the ‘victims’ right to review after a decision has been made…… i say this with the heaviest of hearts as work closely with young pedophiles and their mind sets are just amazing on how they do turn things upside down and around to their own advantages……Just wish Sir Cliff all the best….pure magic performer….

  6. Maria  

    You wish Sir Cliff all the best…?…giving the benefit of the doubt to an alleged child sex abuser rather than the alleged victims. You obviously work in the area iof child abuse/sexual crimes….v. worrying. “Sir Cliff” is a “pure magic performer” therefore…?…Peadophiles & child sex abusers come in all shapes & guises. Would have thought you’d be awake to that.
    The system has a lot to answer for in protecting & enabling peadophiles & child sex abusers.

    • Ellen  

      You don’t know him. If you had, yoou wouldn’t say this.

  7. In light of all these stars that have been charged and convicted, like Rolf Harris! Whom we would never in a million years, have thought were Paedophiles; how can we be so sure that Cliff Richard isn’t one! Look at Bill Cosby for goodness sake; who would have ever! thought he would be capable of this type of behavior! I do hope that this isn’t the case, but any victim has the right to have his evidence investigated; and me thinks, Cliff Richard protests too much.

    • Beryl Phillips  

      would you not protest if you were Innocent you stupid woman

  8. Totally innocent of the charges. The law has declared him so. His living and vital Christian faith would never have allowed him to do such a heinous crime. Leave him alone.

    • Be  

      You would think that any priest of faith would never have been allowed to do those heinous crimes…what if he did do them ?

  9. Joan Marshall  

    Sir Cliff Richard is not the only one accused of being gay or an a abuser of minors. Society and Parents have put upon us that we must have a husband or Partner otherwise there is something wrong. I for one can do without man woman or child. I am grateful to God for my sons but if I had my life over again I do not think Marriage would suit me nor would i want to be promiscuous. I think I would have great pleasure out of being successful in a career and traveled the world over and over again till I could not travel any more. I am sure there are many people who feel the same way. Peace is priceless!! some people may think it is boring NOT ME.

    • Linda  

      So agree with you Joan . Wish I had lead a more exciting life . I don’t regret my beautiful kids but my ex is another issue time wasted with him.

  10. Marian Donovan  

    Its disgusting hounding him hes one of our greatest performers hes the nicest person and the kindest met him recently and hes getting his life back on track leave him alone its not possible for him to do such a thing hes our No 1 star just let him have his life back its all jealousy for his wonderful career we love him and want him to be happy again with a no 1 album out and make his fans happy Hes innocent a million pc

  11. Ellen  

    This discussion is about Cliff being innocent of the accusations. What are you telling about that?

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