Shirley MacLaine says everyone should have an ‘open marriage’

If you’re looking for the secret to a happy marriage, actress Shirley MacLaine says she has the answer. The television

If you’re looking for the secret to a happy marriage, actress Shirley MacLaine says she has the answer.

The television and movie star says an open marriage is the best marriage and encourages everyone to give it a go.

Ms MacLaine was married to film producer Steve Parker for 28 years and says the two were friends more than lovers and that they found comfort in having physical relationships with other people.

“I guess you would say ‘practiced an open marriage’ in 1954, which was another lifetime,” she told People.

“No one understood it, we did. He lived in Japan basically, I lived in America working, and this and that.

“We’d meet up, always great friends, traveled sometimes together.”

The couple split in 1982 but Ms MacLaine still refers to him and the “love of my life”.

“I think that’s the basis for a long-lasting marriage, if you really want to do such a thing,” she said.

“I would say better to stay friends and we don’t have enough time to talk about the sexuality of all. I was very open about all of that and so was he.”

While open marriages are popular with some couples, others say it goes against everything marriage is supposed to represent.

One commenter asked: “So why get married if you don’t like the ‘rules’ of a marriage?”

There are others who point out that cheating is prolific in many relationships and say that having an open marriage is the only way to avoid being lied to.

“Most people are in open relationships, they just don’t know it. Some people are just honest,” said another.

Let’s talk: What are your thoughts on this issue and Shirley MacLaine’s comments?

Are open marriages a good idea? Or, do they go against everything marraige is supposed to represent?

  1. Shirley  

    Personally, I don’t agree. Marriage is bound by the ideal that two people who love each other come together as life partners, proclaiming in front of family and friends that they pledge to “do life together” and only together.
    If you want to have an open relationship, fine. Your choice. But don’t ruin the sanctity of the idea of marriage by tainting it with excuses to cheat and have extramarital affairs, regardless of whether the other person knows or not. What is the point in going through the ordeal of marriage and proclaiming love to one another, which is what a marriage ceremony is, if you’re just going to go against every possible ideal marriage holds? Seems a waste of time to me.

    • Joan Doyle  

      I completely agree, what she is suggesting is not a marriage at all, it’s a mockery

  2. Rachel  

    Well said Shirley (and I don’t mean Shirley MacLaine)

  3. I don’t think that there are any rules in marraige . I do believe in commitment to each other.
    A long and happy marraige starts with love and commitment, if you or your partner strays, it is up to the individual, to confess or keep the secret..

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