Sharon Osbourne suffers embarrassing fail on live TV

She’s known for speaking her mind, but Sharon Osbourne was left fumbling for words during a live episode of ‘The

She’s known for speaking her mind, but Sharon Osbourne was left fumbling for words during a live episode of ‘The X Factor’ (Britain) last night.

Sharon is a judge on this year’s season and was introducing her act for her performance when she forgot the contestant’s name.

“Now, it’s the songbird from abroad …” Osbourne began, before looking at her other judges wide-eyed clearly drawing a blank.

“What’s her name? What’s her name?” she is heard muttering to her fellow coach Louis Walsh.

After a few prompts from Louis, she exclaims, “Saaara!”, and the camera cuts to the contestant’s, Saara Aalto, introduction video.

The flub left viewers gobsmacked and cringing with many taking to social media to point out it’s not the first time Sharon has forgotten Saara’s name.

Apparently, she’s stuffed up the singer’s name on at least two other occasions, leading many to question just how much involvement the judges really have with contestants.

“Sharon Osbourne’s obviously just there for the free outfits this year. Terrible!!” wrote Tony Maudsley on Twitter.

“To forgot your acts name is just shocking and I would hate to be part of a team who doesn’t appreciate me enough,” wrote Courtney McMahon.

“Why do you bother to turn up for X factor? Embarrassing,” said Mark Rose.

Take a look at the awkward moment…

Do you think Sharon needs to make more effort? Do you watch the X Factor Australia?

  1. Elaine Omdahl  

    Aww give her a break, it was probably a `Senior moment’, she’s not as young as she used to be and has a lot going on in her life, mostly Ozzie!! Happens to me sometimes, I just think it is one of the funny quirks of age, we are not quite as sharp as we used to be!!

  2. Steve  

    Oh come on…You never had a ‘Senior Moment’? Some people are so intolerant and unforgiving. In 50 years we’ll all be dead and who will remember or care? Nothing bad happened, nobody was injured. Lighten up people. It’s just TV.
    Worry about Trump… now there’s something worthy of comment. This isn’t.

    • Shelby Cumming  

      Yup I have senior moments too. I even forget my name. Sharon is great love her

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