Shane Warne threatens to sue Channel Nine

Former cricketer Shane Warne has threatened to launch legal action against Channel Nine after a segment on the Weekend Today

Former cricketer Shane Warne has threatened to launch legal action against Channel Nine after a segment on the Weekend Today show branded him “creepy” and “cheesy”.

Shane was left fuming after he was the subject on The Sunday Jury segment, which saw hosts and guest panellists make fun of him for commenting on a famous model’s photo online.

The panellists likened him to a “creepy uncle” for writing “Stunning day in London!!! Enjoy. X” on the model, Emily Ratajkowski’s, picture after she told her followers she was in the city.

Emily is currently one of the most sought after models in the world.
Emily is currently one of the most sought after models in the world.

It seems their remarks did not go down well with Warnie who worked for Channel Nine for a long time.

“I’ve been employed by Ch 9 for 23 years & have gone out of my way to give the today show my time, not anymore, lawyer time I think… [sic],” he raged on Twitter.

He quickly found support from his friends, with former flame Elizabeth Hurley chiming in.

“Extraordinary for Channel 9 to call their own employee ‘creepy’…. @TheTodayShow is being mean to the Big Blonde,” she wrote, followed with three crying emojis.

Controversial British journalist Piers Morgan piped up too.

“Strange way to treat one of your own @Channel9 stars isn’t it? @ShaneWarne’s a great guy doing nothing wrong – cut him some slack,” he tweeted. “I’ve known @ShaneWarne for many years & he’s a great guy – generous, big-hearted & loyal to his friends.”

So was Channel Nine out of line here or were they just having a laugh?

Shane has long been known for his way with the ladies and some say the show was just having some good old-fashioned fun at his expense. Others though think the hosts and panellists over-stepped the mark this time.

What do you think? Were they just having fun? Or is Shane right to be offended?

  1. Jenny  

    I think they made an inappropriate comment. I don’t blame Shane Warne if he takes legal action. Maybe they should look at themselves before commenting on others. I think the people on the Today show have become too “cocky” . I don’t watch it anymore.

    • Deanne Peterson  

      Jenny I don’t either….. for the same reason.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes Jenny I agree with your comments. In fact I like Shane Warne and we all know about him and his lady friends.
      `Channel Nine have becoming worst for a few months now especially after the 60 Minutes episode. They need to be more careful in what they say and do. I hope Shane does sue them.
      watch mainly for the early news and then turn off. If they continue with this I will have to watch Channel 10 as I would not go back to Sunrise after what Kochi did with Melissa That was a very low act on his behalf and could not watch the smart arse do his thing. As for Sam I don’t like her, her voice penetrates my ears and can’t stand it. I use to watch the show all the time for 10 years. Now with 60 minutes and Weekend Nine very disappointed with them.

    • Wiso  

      I agree Jenny. I find most daytime shows to be a bit tacky and I don’t find it funny to denigrate another person just for a laugh, which most of them do on a daily basis. They would be the first to complain if it was done to them.

  2. Greg Hills  

    Like all Channel 9 news programs, the Today Shows are just cheap, cheque book journalism at their worst! That includes their flagship 60 Minutes.

    • Tony Andrews  


    • Rob  

      Kerry would be turning in his grave to know the extent his former flagship has degenerated.

  3. Marlee  

    I didn’t see the show but many people think he is a narcissist and likes to blow his own trumpet. He is s a has been !

  4. veronica cheeseman  

    I agree with both these comments………I’m not a Shane Warne fan but I can’t see anything wrong with what he said, or am I going blind?

  5. Peter O'Rourke  

    Typical of channel 9 . They are a pack of grubs . Have been the same for years , thats why I refuse to watch them

  6. Pam Parker  

    His comment certainly wasn’t offensive. They must have had the fine tooth comb out to even find it. Publicity seeking!!

  7. Brian Lee  

    “Weekend Today”? Not exactly the most intellectually stimulating program on the air is it? Comments like this are just about what I’d expect from that lot, both on the weekend spot and their equally awful weekday slots. Warnie may be spitting the bullet a bit, but I have to say, basically I agree with him!

  8. Andre Ambard  

    No, Chanel 9 got oi spot on! This sleeze bag caught running around in his underpants with a couple of tarts while his wife and kids watched it all on tv. Then there was the suggestive text messages to married women, let’s not forget the $12, ooo bribe he took From an Indian punter, he is a despicable human and a disgrace to the country.

  9. simon burke  

    Channel 9, another case of eating their own. Like Warnie or not, he has given them good service and did not deserve that treatment.
    Go back 2 months to Channel 9’s part in the attempted snatching of the kids. Will they ever learn or do they just work on the “any publicity is good publicity”.

  10. The guy might be a great cricketer, but let’s get real, he is a sexual slime bag. They were just having a laugh, get over it princess warnie! Clean up your act and then they wouldn’t have anything to talk about!

  11. Patricia  

    Pity he wasn’t loyal to his wife Piers Morgan. His wife knew him for many years too but he didn’t mind humiliating her. Typical sportsman, too much money, unfaithful and full of himself. Look in the mirror Shane. Not really someone to look up too. But I agree the Today show is full of crap.

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