Shane Warne offends as he celebrates finishing cancer charity fun

You’d think that taking part in a charity fun run for cancer would make you aware of the dangers that

You’d think that taking part in a charity fun run for cancer would make you aware of the dangers that can cause the killer disease.

Well, not if you’re Shane Warne apparently!

The former cricketer has offended some people by celebrating his completion of the 18km Connor’s Run by promptly lighting up a cigarette and collapsing on the grass.

The annual run is to raise money for brain cancer treatment and research through the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation.

While Warnie certainly appeared to enjoy the day, posting a picture of himself and his children on social media, it was his celebratory ciggie that turned some people off him.

warnie smoke

“In true Warnie fashion, but seriously, what else would you expect from the imbecile?” wrote one particularly harsh commenter.

Others questioned why he thought it was ok to smoke at the event given the fact that so many people there would have been affected by cancer either personally or through someone they know.

“What will it take for this guy to get a clue?” asked one disappointed commenter. “I know living in the spotlight must be hard, but isn’t it logic not to smoke at a cancer event?”

In his post on social media, Warnie said it was his fourth year running at the race and that he couldn’t wait to go back next year.

Do you think this was a dud move? Should he be more aware, or are people just having a go at him?

  1. Pamela  

    Who cares if he wants to die from lung cancer?

    I just hope he smoked out of others’ breathing distance!

  2. Jude Power  

    What an idiot! People with cancer or with family members who’ve died of it and probably children would’ve been within range of his cigarette smoke. Does he actually turn his brain on before he gets out of bed in the morning? I seriously doubt it

  3. Wiso  

    Leave the man alone !!

    There are many more lifestyle choices more damaging to our health than smoking. As long as he wasn’t exposing anyone else to his cigarette smoke then no harm was done.

    • Teri  

      Unless he was smoking his cigarette in a sealed chamber then of course he was exposing other people to his his second hand smoke! I’m asthmatic and cigarette smoke affects me instantly!! My airways instantly start to close up and I begin coughing and gagging and choking – all because of some other person’s selfish decision to smoke!

  4. If he was in Qld he wouldn’t have been allowed to light up in the first place 😉😏

    • Owen Gustafson  

      It’s not illegal to smoke in Queensland !

  5. Ivy haeusler  

    Well what do you expect from an idiot like him he only thinks of himself and stuff everyone else so let him die of lung cancer and serves him right I’d he does he’s only out to get publicity shame on you

  6. Mary Heffernan  

    He keeps ricocheting from zero to hero and back to zero again.

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