“Santa might not find me here”, worried Archie

Has one of your grandkids ever worried that Santa might not stop for them on his way around the world

Has one of your grandkids ever worried that Santa might not stop for them on his way around the world because the big man might not know where to find them? Air New Zealand has brought a tear to our eye today with this video that captures the hearts of the little people in our lives grappling with change.

Little Archie has just moved from Broome in Australia to Queensberry in the South Island New Zealand and shares his concern with his mum and dad.

When asked what he’d do if Santa didn’t find him he replies: “probably cry for about 12 days.”

Every grandkid that might be worried that this could happen to them will love what his dad did next, working with Air New Zealand he hatched a plan to set landing lights and a massive “Santa Stop Here” sign across the paddock near their house.. Frankly, you have to watch to see the goodwill of the Air New Zealand crew in action.

Archie and his dad ride out to the edge of the paddock to get a birds eye view at twilight and the sight they get as the lights are turned on will bring tears to your eyes. The face of this little boy is priceless and show us all how special it is to give in to caring about the children and their love of Santa at this time of year.

Watch it today and share your thoughts.


This post is sponsored by Air New Zealand. Cheers to the awesome team who made sure Santa will be a bigger part of Archie’s Christmas memories.

  1. As much as this is a lovely story, it is for me also very sad. The reason for the season is not Santa, it is the birth of a wee baby boy born in a stable all those years ago. What makes me sad is children who are not told of the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

  2. My grand-children know why we celebrate Christmas but at the same time it is great to see the look on their face on Christmas morning when they open their presents. It makes my day as they still believe in Santa. And I have to say I loved the video. The look on the little boy’s face was precious.

  3. Reminds me of when my poppet was little & we were being transferred from one town in Papua New Guinea to another just before Christmas. “How will Santa know where I am?” “We will write him a letter & tell him our new address, where shall we send the letter?” Poppet replies with a look of withering scorn reserved for very silly Mothers: “To Port Moresby, of course!” “But how will he get here, says Mother? Another look from poppet which indicates Mother is not with it. “In a nellycotter Mummy, go round and round in the sky!” (One of my favourite memories).

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