Rose Porteous: Bury me upside down so the world can kiss my…

Do you remember, Rose, the firecracker wife of Gina Reinhart’s dad, Lang Hancock? In 1983, she shocked everyone by marrying Lang who was

Do you remember, Rose, the firecracker wife of Gina Reinhart’s dad, Lang Hancock? In 1983, she shocked everyone by marrying Lang who was the world’s ‘Iron Ore King’ just three weeks after working as his housekeeper. It was a rags-to-riches story, a Cinderella tale, except not many could accept her outspokenness and flamboyance. Her life had been such a drama that a mini series called ‘House of Hancock’ was created based on it and aired on Nine Network.

For years Rose had been in the limelight but suddenly she went quiet.

Now, she has come out with what she says is her final interview before the moves to Spain to pursue her passion for Flamenco dancing.

The interview with Ray Martin was an explosive, candid and flirty one where the 67-year-old revealed everything from what her breasts were made of to how she wanted people to remember her by.

“If anyone said to my face, ‘You’re a bitch’, I would say ‘Thank you’, she told Ray.

“How nice to be a bitch. You have to have style to be a bitch. I hope you bury me upside down so the world can kiss my sweet, little arse,” she said.

Rose has been called many things especially after she married Lang who was the richest man in Australia. But “murderer” is something that she will not accept. Rosie denied killing Lang, who was 39-years her senior and also trashed claims that she had affairs while they were still together. “Why would you kill the goose who laid the golden egg?” she said. 

“They think I was so busy fooling around. My goodness, I’m a one man woman,” said Rose before she was seen giving Ray a peck on his cheek.

Be prepared to see glimpse of Rose’s lavish life including a whole room built just to store her flats.

Do you think we’ll ever hear from Rose again? Or will she finally live her life in privacy?

  1. darryl learhinan  

    Theme song of bar girl=me no study me no care me go marry millionare ,if he die me no cry ,me go marry other guy.

  2. Jill Austin  

    OMG has she had work done or what!!

    • Harry  

      Only on her little sweet, little arse and she wants more work done on it after she dies.

      • Dorothy Hughes  

        She has not had ANY work done – no fillers, injections,botox – nothing at all!
        This from her own mouth – so why would we not believe her?
        I near fell off my chair laughing when I heard/saw her answer Ray Martin’s question on that subject!

  3. Jeannette  

    She is despicable and so ugly – wouldn’t you think with all of the money she stole which did not belong to her– that she would do something to improve her looks ?- but then again plastic surgery can only do so much.!! The sooner she goes to Spain the better– as = we have had her to contend with for far too long. !!

    • Bev Seton  

      I think she did do something to her face , although she denies it pretty well. But really if you looked closer she is full of osteoarthritis, she would be really lucky to even do a couple of steps in line let alone flamenco dancing. I think that she needs to stay quiet.

  4. Hazel  

    Money cannot buy class i think.she is a lot older than she claims flamingo dancer

  5. Jenneth Herringe  

    Ridiculous, conspicuous and totally irrelevant!

  6. Patrizia Morgan  

    I think she is fabulous. !!!! A smart attractive intelligent lady…all the knockers are jealous… Go Rose!!!

  7. Rob smith  

    “bury me upside down so the world can kiss my arse” ha ha somewhere to park the pushbike.

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