Rod Stewart says his son likes ‘dressing up like a lady’

Rod Stewart has never been one to shy away from an eccentric outfit and it looks like he’s passed on

Rod Stewart has never been one to shy away from an eccentric outfit and it looks like he’s passed on his flamboyant fashion sense to his young son, who loves to dress up and play in women’s clothes.

The rocker says his five-year-old son Aiden loves “dressing up like a lady” in his mother’s clothes.

Rod was talking about his children with The Interview People and said he’s still unsure about who his youngest son will grow up to be.

“The little one, I don’t know yet. He likes dressing up as a lady. So we don’t know which way he’s thinking,” he told The Interview People.

“He’s always dressing up like Mary Poppins.

Hopefully he’ll grow out of it.

But the singer added: “If he turns out to be a homosexual, that’s okay with me. As long as he’s happy.”

Many have come out to praise the rocker for his open-mindedness, especially since, like many of us, Rod grew up in an era when being gay was cause for scandal.

Rod Stewart with his youngest son Aiden.
Rod Stewart with his youngest son Aiden.

Aiden is Rod’s youngest son with his wife Penny Lancaster.

The singer has eight children by five different women, his youngest of which are with Penny.

Rod has received lots of attention in the wake of his comments, both negative and positive.

“Good on Rod. He’s proud of his kids, and they seem a well-grounded group,” said one supporter.

While others scolded the singer for talking about his family publicly: “Don’t talk about the private life of your child to the media. It is a betrayal in itself.”

His words have acted as a comfort for many grandparents and parents who are going through similar circumstances and were unsure about how to deal with it best.

They say Rod’s openness has encouraged them to be more open-minded and accepting of their children for who they are.

What are your thoughts?

Have you been through something similar with your family? How would you react if your child came out as gay?

  1. Bea Adams  

    It’s totally normal for young children to want to dress up in parents clothes so what is the fuss about? Rod is a brilliant dad and great role model for any son.

  2. Carole Morrison  

    Spot on Bea! its all about our young ones learning about different things and going on to be well structured in life!

  3. Nancy Brenton  

    Take it one step further and how would you react if your grandchild was transgender. With disbelief at first and then get as much information as you can so you can adjust to their new identity. It is mind blowing to say the least especially when/if they change their name. After you’ve done all this just remember they are the same person but see themselves as the opposite gender and deserving of all the love and caring you can give. They, themselves are having a hard time of it too. Be gentle with them and with yourself – they need a soft place to fall.

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