Robert De Niro says his autistic son changed overnight after vaccine

Hollywood favourite Robert De Niro has spoken for the first time about the cancellation of his controversial documentary Vaxxed: From

Hollywood favourite Robert De Niro has spoken for the first time about the cancellation of his controversial documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up To Catastrophe.

The doco was scheduled to air at the Tribecca Film Festival but was canned after it faced huge backlash from film-goers and industry heavy-weights.

The film looks at the alleged link between vaccinations and autism and is particularly close to the actor’s due to his 18-year-old son Elliot who has autism.

Robert’s wife says their son “changed overnight” after receiving his vaccination and quickly developed signs of autism. While the family has previously kept quiet on the issue, this new documentary proves it is an issue close to the actor’s heart.

Robert, 72, appeared on the Today Show in America where he insisted he is not anti-vaccination, but pro-safe vaccine. He said the cancellation of the movie was disappointing and wanted to find another way for people to see it.

“All I wanted is for the movie to be seen and people can make up their own judgement but you must see it,’ he said.

“Let’s find out the truth, let’s just find out the truth.

“There’s a lot of things that are not said. Nobody seems to want to address that, or they say they’ve addressed it and it’s a closed issue.

“But it doesn’t seem to be because there are many people who say they saw their kid change overnight.

“My wife says that (is what happened to my son). I don’t remember. But my child is autistic.

“I, as a parent, of a child who has autism, I’m concerned, I want to know the truth.’

There have been numerous claims over the years of a link between vaccinations and autism, but doctors are yet to prove there is a definitive connection.

He went on to say he thinks people are trying to “shut down” conversations about this potential link between the two.

“There’s more to this than meets the eye, believe me,” he warned.

“There’s something that people aren’t addressing. And for me to get so upset here, on the Today show, with you guys, means there’s something there.”

Robert is notoriously tight-lipped about his family and only revealed Elliot has autism last month.

Do you agree with the actor’s stance on this issue?

What do you think about Robert De Niro’s comments? Do you think there is a link between vaccinations and autism?

  1. Yvonne  

    I think De Nero has a point. I am Nan to a beautiful 6yo who was diagnosed with autism at about 3. He is fully vaccinated, as I & his mother believe all children should be. Although we are pro vaccination the issue needs to be sorted once & for all. The research has concluded that there is no link but research can be flawed. There needs to be open & honest debate so that an alternative vax can be found if necessary. We would still rather have things as they are, than that he contracted polio or diphtheria.

  2. Elizabeth  

    Kid was probably autistic from birth, & vaccination properties’ caused it to be actually noticed.
    You don’t ‘turn autistic’ overnight; that’s bs.

    Our children were vaccinated with HALF doses, ten days’ apart, on the advice of our excellent GP.
    Yes, it’s double-cost of vaccine, & doctor’s appointments, but neither children had any side-affects.
    Common sense, actually, to do this.

    What price the health of your child???

    • Mary  

      I know two young adults who were healthy babies until they were vaccinated. One has epilepsy and takes several fits a week and the other had meningitis and was brain damaged. Remember both were very healthy babies until they were vaccinated and suddenly they weren’t. The first requires constant vigilance and some sedation but the other, even though he hardly functioned as a child, had intensive therapy and now drives a car. He had a job for years but now looks after his elderly mother.

      You wouldn’t think that it’s BS if it was your child.

      Half doses is worth considering but not everyone has the luxury to do so. Common sense isn’t necessarily in proportion to one’s bank balance.

    • Nicola  

      I also had my babies vaccinated in half doses about two weeks apart. My children are 33, 34 & 36. I am asthmatic and feared they might have an adverse reaction. I did not half the doses in fear of autism, back then it didn’t cross my mind. None of my children developed allergies either, as eggs and peanut butter etc were introduced slowly but consistently.

    • David Wigley  

      Getting half doses twice doesn’t cost, it pays.

  3. hella langer  

    I won’t weigh in on the vaccination debate but I do want to comment on the poorly worded and misleading heading of this article. The word “autistic” in a totally wrong place in the sentence. What the heading should have said was something similar to: “Robert de Niro says his son changed overnight into being autistic after being vaccinated”. I know journalistic standards have dropped through the floor but we are dealing with 60+ people on this site. Surely our lot expects at least some editing standards being upheld, let alone writing standards…or am I alone in this?

    • No – you are not alone in this. I constantly complain about today’s journalists (and not just those involved in the print industry) setting bad grammatical examples.

    • Bronwyn Lewis  

      I agree with you Hella. I wonder if it is the need for good proof reading. Isn’t that what editing is all about.

  4. Tasma  

    Yes I believe that too my autistic son was born 38 years ago and he was a very healthy baby but by the time he was one we noticed changes and he had all his injections but having said all that I have a fantastic son and I wouldn’t have him any other way

  5. Faye Baker  

    Oh my god here we go again Don’t you think if getting vaccainated that everybody that did would end up with autism.

    • Clayton  

      Your not listening Faye..!
      They are saying not all children are affected by this vacation. And some are changing after the vaccine.
      My son could remember everything and listened at 3yr… Now he’s 7. totally different kid. I’m a 43 yr old father struggling to come to accept. Something, somewhat has happened…. I have Noticed it. Something is making our children autistic.

    • Deb  

      JYours is not an educated response Faye. There is a percentage of children that suffer as recipients of some vaccinations. More research needs to be done re this. Minorities shouldnotbe ignored, particularly when they are defenceless children. It is too late once the damage is done.

  6. Lorene  

    If the movie were to go to air, vaccinations would then again be on the incline. Many diseases have pretty much been eradicated because of vaccination over the years. Do we want them all to return again. I don’t think so 😖😖

    • Some vaccinations are necessary, however the “eradication of diseases” falls short of reality. There chasing a fairy that changes color and the fairy is winning whilst you continue to vaccinate.

  7. i dont beleive the mercury in the vaccine etc “causes ” autism i believe the autism is already in the brain. my daughter is autistic and was given a very heavy annaesthetic and for a few days after the operation those autistic traits were gone. they slowly returned over a few days but the change in daughter left us all stunned.

    • Claire Hancock  

      Now that’s something to really sit up and take notice of, Julie. There are some suggestions that Autism may be associated with the brain’s inability to efficiently sort and filter incoming information from the senses. … I wonder if the heavy anaesthetic may have somehow temporarily “slowed down” the avalanche of information coming into the brain, thus allowing the brain to cope better.

  8. Claire Hancock  

    Absolutely, the possible side-effects of vaccination should be thoroughly and openly investigated. But we need to remember the scientific maxim: Correlation does NOT equal Causation. A baby/toddler may be vaccinated and shortly after the child may start to show signs of autism. But that does not mean that the first event must have caused the second event. Both the early detection of autism and childhood vaccinations are likely to occur around the same age.

  9. I must say our finger pointed that way also at the time, but then it pointed every other way as well. There seemed to be a very real difference in her behaviour straight after, however, it could also be the age when you start to recognise something is not right, and their actions become more obvious.

  10. [email protected]  

    Hellar – i am on your team with this.

  11. stnc  

    my sister has twin boys they were born @ 6 week prem, they were bright, attentive normal kids until the had their triple antigen shots then they changed in front of your eyes, pale , blue veins across their faces, teeth coming out rotten, massive mineral poisonings such as potassium and iron. before we suspected the cause Billie there third child had been born and also inoculated. She too has the Autism Spectrum disorder. Argue amongst yourselves buy all means but give us answers to what has happened to our kids and not what the Doctors said………your kids are autistic talk them home and love them.

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