Ringo Starr shocks the world with his youthful look

He may be 75 years old, but Ringo Starr looks a whole lot younger than that! Ringo seems to have

He may be 75 years old, but Ringo Starr looks a whole lot younger than that!

Ringo seems to have completely defied the ageing process, looking like he was years younger than his son Jason as they hit the streets in London.

The Beatles legend stepped out for a spot of shopping with Jason, 48, and it was difficult to tell which one was older.

While Jason was sporting grey locks and a slightly shaggy appearance, Ringo looked sharp in a black suit, hip sunglasses and dark brown hair.

He didn’t appear to have a single grey on his head or in his beard, leading people to speculate the Beatle is blessed with amazing genetics or a very good hairdresser.

Jason, 48, and Ringo, 75.
Jason, 48, and Ringo, 75.

Fans have been trying guess how Ringo has managed to stay so youthful with many saying they want to know his secret.

“Ringo looks amazing … younger looking than his son!” wrote one commenter.

“Yes! Hope Ringo outlives them all!” said another avid fan.

Ringo isn’t the only Beatle who seems to be drinking from the fountain of youth though.

Paul McCartney has long defied his age, hitting the stage on gruelling worldwide tours and regularly stepping out onย the town to party at nightclubs and bars.

The two caught up recently and recreated their famous back-to-back photo, with both sporting cheeky smiles and colourful locks – not a grey in sight!

Whatever their secret is, let’s hope they keep on rocking for many years to come!

Who is your favourite Beatle? What do you think about Ringo’s youthful look?

  1. Heather  

    MY hasn’t Paul got short in the more recent photo ..Or is that the first Paul, in the older one… Mmmmm?

  2. They may well colour their hair, but they are both Englishmen so probably have that lovely fresh-looking complexion that goes with the territory!

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Paul has always been my favourite.

  4. Susan Gabriel.  

    I’m 74, 75 in Septemeber and my hair only goes grey at the sideboard area and at the back of my neck, a few intersperced glitter here and there at the top of my head. The same with my father, kept most of his hair colour until his death at 89. It’s in the genes, except it looks as if Ringo Starr’s son didn’t inherit his father’s genes.

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