Princess Mary has some wonderful news for us all

She’s our very own Princess and now Mary of Denmark has made thousands of Australians happy with a few simple

She’s our very own Princess and now Mary of Denmark has made thousands of Australians happy with a few simple words.

In a brief statement issued by the Danish Royal Family office, Princess Mary has said: “we’re coming home”.

It’s been five years since her family was last Down Under, but Mary and Frederick will travel to Tasmania with Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and adorable twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent.

Danish royal family

Princess Mary grew up in the Hobart suburb of Taroona and will be catching up with her family, including her two older sisters, Jane and Patricia.

She and her royal family will be spending Christmas day with the Donaldson family, which is bound to be a shock for the four-year-old twins who are used to a white Christmas!

No further details about the trip have been announce, but in the past Mary and Frederick have rented a holiday house on the East Coast, Woman’s Day reports.

Hobart’s Lord Mayor Sue Hickey called on Tasmanians to respect the Princess’ privacy while she spent time with her family.

β€œShe’s obviously working very hard in Denmark, she’s a working mother. Hopefully the state will respect that this is a very special time for her and her family to reconnect.”

Can you imagine having royalty come for Christmas day? Are you excited to know that Mary and her beautiful children will be in Australia at Christmas?

  1. Old photo Mary’s twins are a lot older than the babies they are holding. Look like Frederick’s brother has a brood as well. Lovely Royal Family

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas with your Aussie family. 😊 πŸŽ„ πŸŽ…

  3. Why the hell would I be excited because some filthy rich people that don’t know me from a bar of soap are going overseas for a holiday that I can’t afford?

  4. Why on earth would I be excited by somebody else’s family coming home, although I can be happy for them. My own family being here for Christmas, that has me excited.

    • So much nicer you won’t have to dodge the photographers !! But make sure to take plenty yourself !!xx

    • hope they have a lovely holiday ..but is it costing Oz taxpayers ? …figures are out for the cost of Charles & his missus jolly holiday …8 thousand dollars per day was spent on food for them alone….what the hell is the matter with us to allow these useless royals to guzzle our tax dollars ..

  5. Who cares. They aren’t special just people like the rest of us.

  6. Gorgeous family – welcome home Princess Mary πŸ’ and 😍 Fred 😍and family 😊

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