Princess Mary and Prince Frederik get cosy at the Olympics

It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years since Australia’s very own Mary Donaldson met her future husband Prince Frederik

It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years since Australia’s very own Mary Donaldson met her future husband Prince Frederik at a bar in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics.

The royal couple are celebrating the anniversary of their first date while they’re in Rio and looked more in love than ever as they cheered on the Danish and Australian teams at the Opening Ceremony yesterday.

The royal couple are huge fans of the Games and have attended every winter and summer Olympics together (except the 2002 Salt Lake City games) ever since meeting.


The Danish Royal Family shared a picture of them on their Instagram page, showing them happy and smiling as they cheered on their home teams.

They arrived in Rio a few days ago to participate in the 129th International Olympic Committee session and take in the colourful sights and sounds of the city.

Prince Frederik recently said he once had Olympic dreams of his own, training as a diver in his youth and debating a try-out for Denmark’s Olympic sailing team in 1996.

“If I dropped out of everything else I was doing, yes, if I had spent four years training for it, then I could have done it,” he said.

“Instead I plunged into a different life so no, I don’t regret that.”

It’s not known how long the royal couple will be in Rio, but with a spirit for adventure and a love of sport, they’re likely to be front row cheering on the Aussie and Danish teams for as long as they can.

Are you a fan of the Danish royal couple? Do you remember watching their wedding on TV back in 2004?

  1. Darryl Manuel  

    They are a beautiful couple with a beautiful family we are so proud of the way Mary has conducted herself and the way she still acknowledges her grass roots .wishing you both a long and happy life and future together xxxx

  2. Cheryl  

    Good grief, this is not an advertising site, this is about the Danish Royals.

  3. Ivan Steers  

    Some beautiful pictures of our gorgeous Dane Princess Mary and no doubt her handsome Dane Prince. What a way to celebrate a wedding anniversary even if it only comes around every four years. Long live this gorgeous couple. Cheers.

  4. Arlene  

    Theirs’ is a true fairytale!
    Lucky them.

    Others’ aren’t as fortunate, & exist only in a nightmare.

  5. Stewart Roberts  

    They are a wonderful couple in touch with the modern world, but, also aware of their duties and responsibilities, and they have produced a fine family. Mary is also from my home state, so a little biased

  6. Mary  

    Well done to Princess Mary hope she is enjoying the games. What a true Aussie with all your grace and fashion sense. So elegant. Mary you have never let us Aussies down.

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