Princess Beatrice wears ‘bizarre’ outfit to ball

Princess Beatrice has attended a ball in London in what many are calling her most daring outfit yet. The young

Princess Beatrice has attended a ball in London in what many are calling her most daring outfit yet.

The young royal was at the UNICEF Halloween Ball with hundreds of other celebrities and all dressed to impress.

While most people chose to go all-out with their costumes, Beatrice appears to have put it in what some are calling a “half-hearted effort with disastrous results”.

While it is clear she is going for a feline look, many say her costume unfortunately looked half finished as she paired a miss-matched skirt and jacket with a cat mask.

Other attendees wore wild make up, wigs and nutty costumes, with the real winner of the night being socialite Jemima Khan who dressed up as Donald Trump’s wife Melania and attached a groping Trump puppet to her back.

While man suggested Beatrice could have made more of an effort, others defended her saying she is always unfairly criticised for her fashion choices.

“I think Beatrice always looks lovely. I don’t understand why people give her and her sister a hard time,” said one commenter.

Others disagreed though.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in something that actually suited her,” said another.

What do you think of Beatrice’s outfit? Do you like her style?

  1. Una Slatter  

    It’s only because of who she is that people had to say something nasty. I think Jemina’s outfit was inappropriate. Beatrice is a lovely looking girl with those beautiful big eyes.

  2. Cloin Oldham  

    Leave the woman alone. Have you nothing better to do then to knock ORIGINALITY ?

  3. Elizabeth Gardner  

    You could not call it bizarre different maybe but why not ?

  4. Melanie  

    Oh! She wore a weird hat once, so why not a weird outfit?

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  5. Brenda Strahan  

    I don’t think it looks bizarre at all . I think she looks gorgeous . I know she does wear some way out there clothes but this is nice 🙂

    • Mary Teresa  

      I think yes apple never falls far from the tree. She’s not bad looking but no oil painting.

  6. Audrey Jackson  

    I fully expected her to skimpily dressed according to the start of this artical but, although weird, at least she was decent and not half naked (like most famous women of today) it was “fancy dress” and HER choice so mind your own business.

  7. Beatrice and her sister are both beautiful young women and a persons taste in fashion is a personal one and nothing to do with the press or anyone else , if you are comfortable that’s all that matters

  8. Anna  

    Sensible and ethical dressing. Didn’t spend a fortune on a wear-it-once outfit . She is young, fresh and would probably look great in a paper bag. Go find something worth criticising the US presidential election!

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