Princess Beatrice slammed for doing something very rude during Queen’s birthday celebrations

We get it: young people would rather be seen dead than go to their grandmother’s birthday party but at the

We get it: young people would rather be seen dead than go to their grandmother’s birthday party but at the very least they could look interested! This exact scene played out overnight as Princess Beatrice, the 28-year-old daughter of Prince Andrew, sat behind her grandmother at her 90th gala celebrations.

You’d think if you knew TV cameras and photographers were at the event you’d keep off your phone for the evening but it seems there was something very urgent on Princess Beatrice’s screen, and it was captured on live television.

Viewers remarked at the rudeness of the Royal who looked bored as she scrolled through her phone, despite rousing performances by Kylie Minogue and Gary Barlow.

Royal watchers have been unimpressed by the princess’s behaviour in recent months, after she clocked up a whopping 15 holidays in 2015, leaving many wondering when she was on the Royal clock and what she actually did for a living. Her cousins Prince William and Prince Harry, for example, keep themselves very busy with work commitments as well as many royal engagements.

We somehow don’t think the Queen would be amused by Beatrice’s lack of attention.


Check out the tweets and pictures below and tell us, is this unacceptable? What would you do if your grandchild was on their phone all night?

The Princess looks bemused as she looks on at the night’s events


Viewers weren’t happy with the Princess’s behaviour:

  1. I doubt if this is something of any consequence and I doubt if the Queen is really offended, though she’s probably thinks of Beatrice as the daughter of Sarah. Who said all girls turn into their mothers?

    • Paula Woodley  

      Unfortunately she has taken after her father. He can do no wrong in the eyes of the Queen, he is rude and up himself and you treat him royally or else. Sarah mad mistakes but she did try, this young lady just party’s on and on. But they have the money so what can one do?!!!!!

  2. Ann Wallace  

    you would expect her to have better manners

  3. Paul  

    Disinherit her of all her estates, gold and jewels and make her work in retail or hospitality

    • D william  

      Disrespectful spoilt brat, should be out in the real word doing a real every day job the same as every one else, too much
      Money destroys childrens values in their lives today and the world.

  4. Rosanna  

    She is a very rude and unsociable little twit. She needs to grow up and show the respect that her grandmother should have. She also needs to group and behave like a Royal not like the sniffling little brat she is. really a bad seed in this truly Royal and respected Family.

    • Wanda Alexander  

      Well said, I totally agree with you.

  5. Lyn  

    It’s all self interest with kids today … Me me me!

    • Julie Wall  

      But I wouldn’t think at 28 she would be classed as a kid. She needs to grow up.

    • I think her mother is doing everything she can to redeem herself now and she may deserve a second chance!

  6. Deanna  

    A lot of lack of respect comes from your upbringing and its too late now to change hers.

  7. Gail  

    Well they all do it why would she be any different to any other young girl. They must attend a lot of functions where they have to sit or stand for long periods at a time.

  8. Debra Hammond  

    This over privileged young lady needs to use the manners I’m sure she was raised with. Considering she doesn’t work but still managesto live a fabulous lifestyle you’d think her father would make sure she pulls her weight. Disgusting.

  9. stnc  

    It seems to be a sign of the times…..even here in Australia we have Ministers playing with their mobile phones during the presentation and redress of the budget. As for the *Royals* Obliviously Andrew finances his daughters, it was also thought also his *Ex* wife, who strangely (not) turned up on the Panama papers list. Everyone other Royal Off spring as far as I know, was booted off the Civil List unless they are a major member or a strong worker of royal duties. Otherwise the Queen finances them privately. So Eugene is 28, has she very had a job, and please don’t try to pull the dyslexic card! Thankfully Sarah Ferguson has been plucked from public view, she wouldn’t know what’s it like to go without. Sadly this trait has been passed on to her children. Margaret’s children, Sarah and brother David have independent lives and fend for themselves.
    When this lot are on I turn the channel over on the TV and the page in the paper.

    15 Holidays, I’m lucky to have 1 every 18 months – 3 years. It all makes me sad more than angry, same applies to any parent who doesn’t teach their child the value of money and how you have to *work* to get that money. Nothing in life is just handed to you…………without consequences!

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