Prince William’s most touching words about being a dad yet

In a sneak-peek of an interview that will air in the UK on Monday night, Prince William has spoken about

In a sneak-peek of an interview that will air in the UK on Monday night, Prince William has spoken about how much fatherhood has changed him.

In the clip below, he described how becoming Dad to Prince George and Princess Charlotte has made him more “emotional” and more attuned to what’s on in the world, something we can all relate to.

“You realise how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective. The idea of not being around to see your children grow up and stuff like that,” says the Prince as he tries to put into words the immense joy and burden of being a father.

The documentary is about the Prince’s Trust, Britain’s leading youth charity, which has raised millions of pounds over 40 years. In the full interview, Prince William and Prince Harry recall how their father used to embarrass them by making inappropriate jokes and by laughing at the wrong points in their school plays. William tells a story of how Prince Charles got the giggles when a pyrotechnic explosion went off at the wrong time when the Duke was playing narrating a Christmas play, reports People. “He couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through the production. Several times I’d stop … I’d cast an eye across, like you know, a big death stare, and then I’d try and get back to my lines, it was terrible.” The Duchess of Cornwall also gives her first televised interview in the 90-minute documentary, reports Yahoo. See the highlights of Prince William’s interview here:  

Prince William’s faherhood fears“You get affected by things that happen round the world a lot more as a father just because you realise how precious life is.” Prince William has opened up about fatherhood in an emotional interview, revealing fears he has that like his late mother, he won’t be around to see his two young children grow up. #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Did having children make you more emotional? How else did it change you?

  1. Love William and Harry, can’t understand a word Chuckles says through the mumbles

  2. I am a worrier and i seem to worry more the older i get especially worry over my kids and grandkids so i understand what he was saying about worrying once your a parent

  3. Is the Starts at 60 office manned by a bunch of homesick pomms, why do you put so much emphasis on what these entitled, inbred idiots have to say. if you read the history of the british royals you will see that they put sharia law to shame when it comes to pain suffering and murder. who cares what they think as they don’t do it very often or very well. How about some continued support for the republican movement and leave these self interested self righteous snobs out of it. Just saying.

    • so very true Fred …they never stop …take Willy …so many pretend jobs ..taxpayers fund the “training “…he already been caught out on the latest one ( royal dIary had him on hols /propaganda had him rescuing a damsel in distress ) problem is the fools lap it up ..

    • How idiotic is it when a country sets up one family as state funded multi millionaires in perpetuity and leaves everyone else to fend for themselves, figure that one out.

      • Lesley  

        What about the superannuated state funded multi millionaire ex pollies and PMs in Australia, many of them still in their 40s and 50s, while the rest of the pensioners have to worry about the cost of living?

    • Well said Fred, I’m with you and Rosanna, it’s about time people read the history of these unelected, bludgers who sponge off the tax payers of the UK. Never had to work to save for mortgages ….. their homes have been handed to them on a silver platter !!! Sick of people swooning over them and treating them like some sort of saints !!! Surprise, surprise …… nobody has mentioned YET how proud Diana would be of him …… but, it’s coming 🙁

    • hang in there Fred, you will get your wish & you can bow to which ever Dictator takes over, toss up at the moment though, between China, Russia or a Middle Eastern maniac.

    • I am Aussie but I stand besides Christa, she has been here so long and is so much like us, I only ever think of her as Aussie, she is a really nice lady but yes I agree with you otherwise Fred 🙂

    • British born and I wish the Royals would go away, I can’t see how anyone can relate to these people and what is so much different to there experience of parenthood to any of us other than they get a lot more assistance.

    • Thank you Libbi. My husband thinks that we should become a Republic now but I’m worried that things may become worse. However, it’s inevitable that we will become a Republic sooner or later, hopefully later. Lol.😀😀 Hubby and I are both real Aussies and love Australia, but as he was in the RAF and was presented to the Queen, I still feel duty bound to support our Monarchy. He doesn’t!!
      Now Fred, we can still be friends can’t we? I know Libbi understands. Xx

    • If you can’t say something nice then shut your mouth…you see it’s a story about the royals ….Fred you don’t like them…DONT READ THE BLOODY STORY…simple

    • There’s no need to take it personal Katherine and I don’t think I said anything bad, and by the way I didn’t read the story just expressed my view that there are plenty of people who can reflect on parenthood, people we can relate too. As for shutting my mouth, not until someone can give good reason.

    • Christa Caldecott you can still support the queen, that wont change, she just won’t be the queen of Australia.

    • Katherine Angel it’s another storey about the royals,one of an endless chain of stories about the royals who in fact have gone through a simulated life experience under huge protection which resembles nothing like real life, and who have opinions about how everyone else should behave. I’m not being rude, I’m being realistic, he is entitled to his opinion, but we didn’t ask for it.

  4. Well said Fred Aviry. Why waist time on these descendants of rapists,murderers,thieves and plunders. Remove these parasites and place them in the dustbin of history where they belong

  5. William is just expressing what most fathers feel…..good on him…..much more open than previous generations.

  6. I love hearing all these little snippets about the Royal family, it makes my day, so keep them coming.

    • Rachel  

      Me too Lor. Keep them coming sas. I’m a fourth generation Australian and love hearing about the royal family. Will love snippets of George and Charlotte growing up. The Royal family bring millions into Britain’s economy.

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