Prince William surprised these students by landing his helicopter in their school field

Imagine how delighted these kids must have been when the Duke of Cambridge made a surprise visit at their their

Imagine how delighted these kids must have been when the Duke of Cambridge made a surprise visit at their their school! Prince William stopped for a break from a helicopter flying mission in Hertfordshire, landing his ambulance on the playing field at John Henry Newman School in Stevenage, after transporting doctors from nearby Lister Hospital, the BBC reports.

The head teacher said the Prince’s visit was “completely unexpected”.

“It was really quite bizarre. We have the air ambulance use the school site quite regularly and whenever they land the staff go out, we clear the field of children and offer the crew refreshments,” he said.

Staff and students were amazed to see the prince hop out of the cockpit and walk into the school canteen for a spot of lunch.

“He was great,” said the head teacher. “He queued up with the children, he got himself some lunch and sat down. Then he was surrounded by a group of Year 11 boys who had a chat with him – it was really lovely.”

Kids being kids, they were sneaking selfies of the prince on their phone cameras, which they probably weren’t even allowed to have in school hours. Many of these wonky images with the prince in the background have made their way onto social media. The head teacher said, “One of the boys sat opposite the prince and was shaking so much he nearly lost the pasta off the end of his fork!” Apparently, William complimented the meal, donated the cost of it to the school’s charity, then hopped back in his helicopter and got back to work.


Don’t you just love the way Prince William is making a contribution to society? Imagine having the future king pop in for lunch! What would you say to him?

  1. Angie B  

    Good for him, he is just a regular bloke that happens to be born into the Royal family.

    • He is …all us Republicans need to do then is sit back and watch the fun …freedom of information act …convicted peodophile friends …interfering letters swaying govt policies etc etc …so many questions …good times ahead …

  2. A wonderful thing to do for a royal. They are generally cordoned off from the public. I bet thesemids will never forget their experience.

  3. Such a lovely, caring man. His parents must be so proud of him. Diana must be smiling down on him in heaven

  4. No aires and graces with this Prince Charming, normality is the order of the day. Wonderful future King in the makking.

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