Prince Philip’s birthday present to the Queen is revealed

You’d think with all the riches he needs at his beck and call, Prince Philip could have splashed out a

You’d think with all the riches he needs at his beck and call, Prince Philip could have splashed out a little more to celebrate his wife’s 90th birthday.

The royal’s very modest gift to the Queen has been revealed and it turns out he gave her an $88 jar of face cream.

While some have branded it “a little cheap”, the Queen is reportedly very happy with her present and likes it so much she has requested to have it sent to the palace when she runs out.

The cream is called Maison Caulieres and contains extra-virgin sunflower, rapeseed and linseed oils.

The French brand is expected a huge rush on orders now that the Queen has given it the tick of approval, with huge sales expected.

However, while Her Majesty is happy with the gift some have said they would be less than happy if their husband presented them with a nice bottle of anti-wrinkle cream on their birthday.

“I tell you what, if my husband suggested I need a new face cream to work on my wrinkles on my birthday he’d have another thing coming!” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

“Really Philip?” asked another. “Don’t you know anything about women? Never tell a lady her bum looks big in that and never by her anti-wrinkle cream!”

Do you think Prince Philip’s gift was too cheap? Would you give your partner a telling off if they bought that for you?

  1. Rhonda  

    must be working. She has a lovely complexion for 90.

    • Beverley Dixon  

      The Queen probably told him what to buy.

    • Yvonne Hudacek  

      Not at all. I woud love a similar jar of this French face cream on any birthday of mine.

  2. elena  

    A better and much applauded act should have been to feed a few hungry children around London, in honour of his wife 90s birthday!!!

  3. R green  

    London will always have their poor, he will not always have his wife. Get real elena. Not everything a person of note does is an event to make bleeding heart comments about. To those who think he was mingy or would object to it if it was their husband i ask this question – what would you buy a person who has everything they want?

    • Gael Nikkelson  

      Spot on

      • Pat Zammit  

        I agree. she doesn,t need a lot spent on her and at 90 she will have everything else she needs

    • Leah Jones  

      I see nothing at all wrong by giving the Queen some face cream. She obviously doesn’t use it as an everyday cream, since she’s asked that some be sent to Buckingham Palace for her, as she likes it. She has something new that she likes – which must be tricky when one can have everything ! ! !
      I totally agree with R. Green – these are not people to send a few pounds for the poor of London to – but never think for a minute that they don’t work for Charities – anything they give is hush-hush. If it were published people would then complain that they’re trying to out-do others. Sometimes it seems people can’t do a thing right, perhaps those who make snide remarks about them are extremely envious of them.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. For all we know she might have asked him to buy it for her

      • Beverley Dixon  

        Haha SHONA I said the same thing because that is what I’d get my husband to buy for me.

  4. Patricia Smith  

    I wish someone would give me a jar

    • Audrey Jackson  

      Honestly, it is a case of ‘he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t’. It is the Queen we are talking about, she can have anything she wants at anytime she wants it so he would be battling to find a gift for her – at least it was a nice SURPRISE. Perhaps that was the plan??
      Happy birthday your Majesty .

  5. pamela dewar  

    Lile every good hisband he probably adkwed her what she wanted so as mot to get an earful about something she didnt want. Good on him.

  6. Jen  

    I would be delighted with such a gift from my hubb,

    yIt is he thought that counts

  7. She has everything, so why not give her something that she likes, well done to Phillip knowing his wife so well that he takes note of what cream she uses, I’m sure 99 % of men would not know what face creams their wives use.I think he chose his gift well

  8. Patricia  

    well done Phillip for giving your wife something she obviously likes………….if he spent up big no doubt there would be people who would disapprove of that too…………… you say Ronnie, how many men know what face cream their wives use…………..

  9. Geraldine  

    As a teenager, I saw HM Queen Elizabeth II, from about metre away, & what I remember vividly was what a beautiful complexion she had.

    Good on ya, Phil!

  10. B Halley  

    On the one hand it seems a little insensitive but on the other she may have hinted (like many wives do) that she wanted something like that.

  11. Christine Single  

    Much better than what I get… Nothing that is… I would not be offended by face cream…

  12. Kutica  

    How can we make a judgment on this? They may have a joke between them that this gift represents. The pleasure in the giving and receiving is the sentiment involved and not how much it costs. Anyway, when you are super rich and can have anything you want, cost hardly comes into it.

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