Prince Harry spotted at the supermarket doing something many of us can’t stand

He’s just your average guy, trying to get his shopping done. Except he’s not – Prince Harry certainly would cause
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He’s just your average guy, trying to get his shopping done. Except he’s not – Prince Harry certainly would cause a stir if he went into one of our local Woolies’! The 31-year-old was seen shopping for eggs at his local Waitrose supermarket in London overnight.

Many Starts at 60 readers are opposed to using the self service checkouts but it seemed the Prince was in a hurry and opted for the less personal option, and we can understand why!

The young royal clearly wanted to get in and out as he wore a hat and jacket to conceal his identity however eagle-eyed shoppers could spot those ginger locks a mile away. It also looks like he set off the alarm at the self checkout in the pics below.

Roofer Lewis St George-McKenzie, was one of those in the store who was pleasantly surprised to see Harry at the checkout.

‘You don’t expect to see a prince doing his shop at nine in the morning,’ he told The Sun.

‘He had a couple of bags of shopping. He looked like he’d had a rough night. I have seen a few celebs about but never royalty’.

Prince Harry has been busy of late, with a recent interview revealing that he hopes his mum is proud of him.

We’re sure she is, and she’s happy he isn’t too proud to do his own shopping. He clearly wants to be normal and is very modest.

Take a look at the pics below: 

A photo posted by PROBOMOND ( on

A photo posted by PROBOMOND ( on

  1. facebook_nancy.brenton.75  

    Maybe he was going to cook up a storm for an overnight guest.

  2. colin  

    I prefer self service, I don’t have to put up with fake how are you todays !!!!

  3. Diana  

    I refuse to do my own checkout work. Why should I when I am spending money to keep the shop open? Why would you do this when you are putting someone’s mum, daughter, aunty, sister – whoever – out of work? Remember when the supermarkets and the likes of Kmart had staff at every checkout? Some of the big stores in our local shopping centre in Ipswich now only have two checkout operators and a long, long line of people fumbling through their own checkout operations. NO WAY.

  4. Terri Rice  

    Hope the person he was going to cook for prefers her eggs unfertilised !

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