Prince Harry shows he’s not too posh to do his own grocery shopping

Prince Harry is not at all like the regal, stiff Royals we had once been so used to. The 31-year-old

Prince Harry is not at all like the regal, stiff Royals we had once been so used to. The 31-year-old heir to the throne makes it clear in his daily life that he simply wants to be a normal person and use his fame for good.

Overnight Harry has proven once again why we love his down-to-earth nature: he’s gone into a local supermarket without a disguise, and done his own grocery shopping. While that usually wouldn’t be a big event for a celebrity, it just further shows that Prince Harry dismisses help in favour of mingling with the general public, something you’d rarely see his older brother or even grandmother do.

9News reports the 31-year-old was spotted at the Kensington High Street Waitrose supermarket in London along with two bodyguards (he’s not silly!) buying cornflakes, bananas and a gourmet ready-made meal.

A shopper told The Sun she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the royal.

“It was funny seeing Prince Harry looking at the discount ready meals,” she said.

“He was looking at a fish pie that had been reduced to £4.15 ($7.60 AUD) from £7 and a Shepherd’s Pie for £5.95 ($10.90 AUD). He obviously likes a bargain”.

He also used a reusable hessian bag from Orla Kiely  to carry his groceries.

Apparently the royal has said he likes to cook! We love his attitude to life.

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  1. colin  

    The Europeans have done it for decades, The Dutch family even use a bicycle , so he is just doing the norm. but don’t expect the pretentious rest of the family to do so.

  2. Mia Van Der Stam  

    Love Harry- he is his mothers son, in every way, that’s for sure

  3. Ris  

    l love Harry to bits, and that is just the way he is. Picking on the other Royals is not cool at all, the Queen would probably love to sneak out and shop, as would William I am sure. Difference being just that she is the QUEEN and William is likely to be King one day. I really am disappointed in those of you who speak badly of them, and wire frankly I don’t think Harry would like you putting down his grandmother or brother either.

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