Prince George has a royal tantrum in front of huge crowd

The adorable Prince George stole the scene when he attended a military air show with his parents in the UK,

The adorable Prince George stole the scene when he attended a military air show with his parents in the UK, throwing a tantrum on the tarmac right in front of hundreds of onlookers.

The young Prince seemed to put off by the noise of the planes, which were roaring in the background, and when it all became too much he was seen scrunching his face up and bursting into tears.

It was up to mum, the Duchess of Cambridge, to calm him down, as she quickly picked him up and rubbed his back soothingly while talking to him.

He was soon given some earphones to block out the noise and being the polite young boy he his, quickly jumped back on his feet smiling as he skipped ahead of his parents to see the planes of display.

George is known to have a fascination with planes and helicopters, no doubt thanks to his dad who was a helicopter pilot in the military for years.

Flight Lieutenant Jim Hobkirk, who was at the event, showed William, Kate and George the Squirrel helicopter, which the young prince quickly took fancy to.

Prince William climbed into the instructor’s seat in the aircraft, while Kate and George sat together at the back.

“As I suspected, Prince George was a bit overawed with the noise and being inside the helicopter,” Flt Lt Hobkirk said of his time with the royals.

“It was a nice family moment. The Duke was talking about ways of flying. George was very, very quiet. He is not even three years old. He was very interested in the tail rotor.

“I imagine the Duke has told him about helicopters because he knew what it was – he kept saying ‘tail roto’.”

After being helped out of the helicopter by William, George reached out to be carried by Kate.

She took him for a walk around the aircraft, with the Prince pointing at parts of it and the airfield.

“They seemed very relaxed,” Flt Lt Hobkirk added. “The Duke said he missed flying, he wishes he could fly more and he said he was envious of me.

“I think the Duchess was concerned with trying to make the young Prince happy.”

It seems Kate did a great job of that, with George shyly smiling and even giving the crowd a thumbs up as he walked past.

Later, the family left the tarmac to go have lunch and watch the airshow from a more private area, with William heard telling George: “Come on – let’s go, we’re going to see the Red Arrows now.”

What do you think of the young royal family? Do you think it would be difficult to manage a toddler in the public eye?