One of your favourite actresses is letting her greys fly

Do you remember when you first started going grey? It can be a scary time for many women and lots

Do you remember when you first started going grey?

It can be a scary time for many women and lots quickly turn to colouring their hair to cover up the evidence.

One woman who’s decided not to bother with the dye at all though, is actress Demi Moore who is letting her greys show without a hint of worry.

Demi appeared on the red carpet at the Chelsea Flower Show recently wearing her long dark hair down with streaks of grey peeking through.

While you couldn’t blame her for wanting a freshly styled hair-do like most of us before we attend a big event, Demi decided to go all-natural.

She has previously spoken about going grey, saying in 2010 that she got rid of the few she had back then by herself.

“I don’t dye my hair, but I do have a few grey hairs that I pluck out,” she said.

It seems those days are over though and Demi is letting her hair change from brown to grey naturally over time.

Not all women are comfortable enough to do that and many have come out to praise her for the bold move.

Whatever the colour of her hair – she still looks great anyway!

Do you remember when you started to go grey? Do you dye your hair?

  1. Yes it was just before I turned 60.Had been going grey since my early forties. Took me ages to decide no more dyeing. I had a chat to my hairdresser & we decided to do a few streaks of blonde first and do it gradually. By the time the big 60 came along I was au naturale and got great compliments. Luckily my hair was a pretty silver so that did help, hubby loved it. Having just gone through chemo, I lost the lot, so had to start again and now have a very short crop which has come through pure white and I love it !! Juast be comfortable with yourself an do what feels right for you. p.s you save heaps at the hairdresser! !

  2. I am going grey and letting it happen. If I at some stage decide to put a colour in my hair, it will be because I want to for me, not for any other reason and certainly not to cover up the greys. I’ve earned them.

  3. Judith  

    Like my mother, I started going grey in my thirties, so resorted to the colour bottle for over 30 years. Then decided to ditch the dye and from then on, I just gave myself streaks, till all the fully tinted hair had grown out. I am so happy with my easy to look after white hair and keep it short (Dame Judi style) – very glad I don’t have to think ahead before holidays or special occasions.

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