On ya, Molly: Music guru Meldrum pictured for the first time since accident

It’s scary to think how close Australia came to losing one of its greatest music geniuses, however some new photos

It’s scary to think how close Australia came to losing one of its greatest music geniuses, however some new photos have given fans reassurance Molly Meldrum is feeling much better.

Spotted out and about in Melbourne in a John Lennon shirt and colourful board shorts, Molly looked well and as able to walk unassisted.

It’s a far cry from his condition just a few weeks again, when the veteran music journalist fell in Bangkok. He dislocated his shoulder and fractured ribs, and has since revealed his arm was so badly damaged it swelled to twice its normal size.

“I looked like the Elephant Man,” Meldrum told News Corp.

“It was black and blue. I was in so much pain I knew something was horribly wrong.

“The doctors told me the damage was so big they might have had to amputate my arm. Thankfully it’s gotten better.”

Meldrum also says he has stopped drinking vodka since it happened.

“I was getting more and more stressed and I was in so much pain. I had a few vodkas, and that made me more stressed,” he said.

“So I’ve put a bottle of vodka up in my kitchen to remind me not to drink vodka. No vodka, no stress”.

Take a look at the pics and tell us your thoughts.


  1. I liked the overview of the life of molly as depicted by all the musicans and friends on chanel seven sunday night 21st feb 2016….i did not like the ‘molly” show

  2. I’m over all what’s on TV about Molly at the moment. I’m glad he’s getting better and wish him a quick recovery. We don’t need to see and know everything in his life.

    • Speak for yourself. You might be over it but some of us were there at the time. We bought ‘Go set’, watched countdown and went to see people like Jim Kaeys and Russell Morris. I am 67 and I loved Ten and Catcher in Melbourne. Every time I hear “The Loved One” I’m about 19 again.

  3. Pleased he is on the mend but for goodness sake! He is over 70 years old, time he did like the rest of us and looked after himself a little better!

    • Have you seen Keith Richards and Ronnie Woods? He looks like a model compared to those two. A couple of old stones who have rolled much too roughly.

  4. Boring, there is a lot of people done a lot more for Australia than has and they don’t get shows on TV

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