Oh Fergie: Duchess of York sells “royal purple” hair straighteners on TV

Sarah Ferguson has never been one to stay out of the public eye, and now she has appeared on a US

Sarah Ferguson has never been one to stay out of the public eye, and now she has appeared on a US shopping channel in order to sell hair straighteners.

You may remember Fergie had a successful run a few years ago as the face of Jenny Craig, but now it seems the Royal has used her connections to spruik a hair straightener.

The Duchess of York went on QVC with frizzy hair, and demonstrated her styling skills and regime to get the royal look.

Prince Andrew’s former wife told viewers that the product, priced at US$79.92, helps her cope with her “busy life” in the spotlight.

She told viewers that she takes her Ultra 2-in-1 Hair Styler around the world with her and how convenient it is.

The 56-year-old slid the styler through her hair to create sleek and glossy locks, and even said it was available in “royal purple”.

Media are now speculating the Duchess is may risk accusations she is trying to cash in on her past marriage, which she has down in the past.

The NZ Herald reports Sarah has received a six-figure sum from mail order company Tristar Products to promote the straightener on television and show it off on her Duchess Discoveries website.

But this isn’t the first foray into home shopping networks: Fergie has promoted a food blender as well.

Check out the ad for yourself and tell us, is this a bit sad or do you think Fergie genuinely wants to promote these products? Will she run into trouble with the Royal family?

  1. Nothing would surprise me with that woman but at least she is not involved with any toe sucking this time

    • she is a ghastly piece of work …made it a lot worse by defending Andy …. ( before she sold him out to the highest bidder ) costs the royals so much ( British taxpayers ) in legal fees …the Epstein case is still slowly brewing…watch her dump and run when it hits the fan …

    • Do you know her? If not shut up. How’s your kids doing, with such bad taste in you

  2. anybody can choose what or how to do things, it is the public who ultimately choose when to support somebody or not, and how we go about supporting them or not, l choose to not comment as l have no interest in her or the product

  3. If she has to earn a living, she might as well use her notoriety! Also her hair was very wild when she was young!

    • I agree she has no royal standing so she has to make a living, who wouldn’t use their status to promote a product they believed in. Leave her alone she has battled long and hard to regain her dignity.

  4. Sarah Ferguson is a wonderful woman who like many has been through ups and downs. She has raised her beautiful daughters to be proud and strong young women. She has ventured into many things during her life journey and I have the greatest admiration for Sarah for coming out the other side a proud and strong woman herself. Leave her alone. Unless you have walked in her shoes you do not know what she has been through. Go well Sarah.

    • one who was selling her husbands time unbeknown to him too… Sorry there are men and women out there who have beautiful daughters, who have worked until their back ache, so I cannot give her accolades. I am sorry…

    • Well like you said she works. Not taking the tax payers to keep her in crowns, jewels and gold carriages.
      So I assume it’s her choice of work you don’t like.

    • Don’t put all the blame on her for her past we all know how they treated Diana . She is just like the rest of us she has to make money to live so good luck to her.

    • Jennifer Anderson and Lee Horrocks you have every right to your opinion. Please don’t apologise.

    • But she should not do stupid things like sell hair straightener on the????? Wherever She was royalty for God sake

  5. she is not a royal, she is an ex royal and it hasnt got anything to do with us what she does or more to the point, who cares?

    • So typical. Trevor John Rogash says “with us”? Does he consider himself to be part of royalty? or is he just a wishful thinker. Give me ten of Fergy for any one of the royals except The Queen who is a gracious, hard working lady.

    • Duchess of York well isn’t that a royal title? Trevor you obviously cared enough to make a comment…lol

  6. cathy  

    she is no longer roayle and needs a job

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