Not your average Royal: Prince Harry goes to the beach and talks about being a bad boy!

Prince Harry continues to surprise us with his down-to-earth nature – and his visit in South Africa has been no

Prince Harry continues to surprise us with his down-to-earth nature – and his visit in South Africa has been no exception.

Overnight the Royal showed how he is just like the other boys, telling troubled teens at the Ottery Youth Centre in Cape Town that he himself wasn’t interested in school.

“I didn’t enjoy school at all,” said Harry, reports AWW.

“I would have liked to come to a place like this. When I was at school I wanted to be the bad boy”.

The Prince is currently on tour in Lesotho and South Africa, and told the boys, not to give in to peer pressure. “It’s much harder to stand up for what you believe in”.

He couldn’t resist being a bit cheeky: “If you’ve got an older brother that’s not into gangs, that’s a huge positive,” said Harry. “Older brothers are supposedly the cool ones. I’m a younger brother but I’m much cooler than my older brother”.

Professor Richards laughed and promised not to tell William, to which Harry replied: “That’s alright. He knows it”.

Afterwards, the redhead Prince spent some time on Durban Beach with 12 young men from the Surfers Not Street Children project. He didn’t join in but watched as the young boys surfed. He learnt about the charity that helps disadvantaged and homeless teenagers become independent adults with interest, asking questions and posing for photos.

According to the Daily Mail, Harry mentioned his fear of surfing in South Africa because of the sharks.

Take a look at the pics below and tell us your thoughts. 

  1. Just love this young royal he has it all, hope he finds a beautiful partner soon. Love Harry xxx

  2. There’s something very special about Hairy Harry. He’s got ‘imp’ written all over his face and he’s apparently fairly normal and down to earth. Perhaps we should also give credit to his father who must have been a strong influence on them both after the tragic death of their mother, who we know they both loved. But someone was able to give them guidance and stability in their growing years and we should all be grateful for that. They are such fine examples for many others to be aware of and learn from. Fine futures ahead.

  3. Harry and Wills are the two faces of one coin. Wills is in line for King of England so has to present a well behaved, almost staid, personality. Harry, on the other hand, sees the throne getting further and further away, thereby allowing him to be his own man but at the same time recognising that he is a Prince of England. His mother’s modern attitude to child rearing had a lot to do with how both Wills and Harry have turned out. Harry may not be your “average Royal” but, make no mistake about it, he knows where his duties lie.

    • Agree Judy. The Wales boys put the York girls to shame. Princess Anne’s children are great too.

    • Anne’s always been my favourite – a no-nonsense lady and an excellent horse-woman!

    • I also think he’s the spitting image of his father except his hair. He’s a delight. They both are.

    • And which father are you taking about because he looks nothing like Charles but looks ratHer like his uncle – Diana’s brother…

  4. Nice fellow. I wish he would wear a hat more with that red head complexion.

    • I agree. I do worry about him not wearing a hat. I have wondered if that is why he grew the beard.

  5. Everything that has happened to him has shaped him to be who he a well rounded young man. Loyal to his family likes a bit of fun ( reckon he gave Gran a few grey hairs..but she has been around long enough to have seen it all before)

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