Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s hopes of having new baby are crushed

Nicole had her first daughter, Sunday, naturally, while their second daughter was born via a surrogate. Both Nicole and Keith have
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Nicole had her first daughter, Sunday, naturally, while their second daughter was born via a surrogate. Both Nicole and Keith have been dreaming of having a third child to join Sunday Rose, 7, and Faith Margaret but it seems that the dream has been dampened after the Nicole’s church said that it is against her using a surrogate.

She said that same year how she hopes “every month that I’m pregnant, but I never am” and is now believed to be refusing to use another surrogate as it goes against the wishes of her church.

Father Ed Steiner, who is Nicole’s priest at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville close to her and husband Keith Urban’s main home, explained: “In our tradition we would say using a surrogate should not be done, reports Radar.

“I’d be duty bound to go through all the church’s teaching.” The pastor said that legally the church cannot stop people against making such decisions, but Nicole has become more deeply involved in church than ever since the death of her father, Anthony Kidman, in 2014, so the church’s opinion would mean a lot to her.

The pastor added, “A person’s choice is their choice and they have to make it according to conscience. Our job is to help them form their conscience and then make a decision.”

The priest added that previously some of his parishioners have decided to use surrogate mothers, and the bottom line is no matter how the baby is born, the church would welcome it with open arms. “If she or anybody did that, what do you do about the child? Well, you love it and baptise it — it’s still a child [of God],” he explained. “I’ve been through it with couples and I don’t pretend to understand that need to have a child, but there are reasons the church has for what it teaches. But we don’t excommunicate over something like that. You’ve got to be really bad to be excommunicated.”

Nicole and Keith who celebrated ten years of marriage on June 25, originally married in Sydney. They are still very much in love, with Keith recently saying their union “wasn’t life changing, it was life beginning.”

If you could give Nicole and Keith advice on this, what would it be?

  1. JB  

    It is none of our or anyone else’s business!!

  2. Joanne  

    One wonders why the surrogate-born baby was ok then, but not now.

    No church/cult/person has ANY right to tell a married couple how they can have a baby.

    It’ll be interesting what they finally decide to do.

  3. Sue  

    It is their choice, but I don’t see why using a surrogate is so wrong. They want to expand their family. They have alot of love to give a child. How awesome it must be to be a priest and wield so much power over people. Are they really enforcing God’s word or forcing their own opinions on others?

  4. Rhonda  

    If she can’t have a baby it should be their choice to have a surrogate to have another baby!!

  5. mick orlick  

    i dont think god gave any church the power over life and death.(not in recent times i believe) thats gods call,not a church, not a preacher,not a CONgregation.i thought these two were intelligent.why are they worried of the risk of being shunned(EXCOMMUNICATED).it happens all he time.look at facebook.have your baby nicole your father would want it

  6. Marie  

    To Keith, & Nicole,

    It maybe difficult to do, but tell the priest to POQ!

    It’s none of his god-damned business what a married couple do.

    You’ve the ability to give a child everything, & especially, as loving parents’.

    Do what your hearts’ say.

    All the best!

  7. Kimberly Haugh-Charlson (KB Diamond Danes)  

    Hi Keith & Nicole!
    My name is Kimberly Charlson…maiden name Kimberly Haugh. I am the first documented surrogate baby to become a surrogate mother as well. I am 32 years old and have had the pleasure of creating 2 separate families for others who have been unable to have children. Both were international couples but I’d love to do a third surrogacy for a local family! This is my way of giving back for the special life I’ve been given. Surrogacy makes miracles! I’m in Southern California, Menifee to be exact! Do not let anyone tell you you can’t have a baby one way or another! It is entirely up to you and I wish the both of you all the best in your next surrogate journey. Having grown up as a surro baby but also have been a surrogate myself now I’ve seen both sides and both equal amazing!!! I’m on Facebook if you’d like to get in touch with me, I’d be happy to offer advice, or maybe even be the one you choose to help you bring a new child into your family! Best of luck to both of you and I hope you fulfill all your dreams!

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