Molly Meldrum suffers another serious fall

Australian media and music personality Molly Meldrum has had a number of health scares including two highly publicised falls. But what
Molly Meldrum's assistant has revealed another fall which was deliberately kept a secret by the star. Photo: YouTube (@LuckieBoot).

Australian media and music personality Molly Meldrum has had a number of health scares including two highly publicised falls. But what many did not know was that the 73-year-old had another secret fall in Thailand, which occurred in between the 2011 and early 2016 accidents. Meldrum’s assistant, Yael Cohn, told the publication that Molly ‘broke his back’ when he visited his adopted son and his family overseas. “He tripped over one of Jason’s toys beside the swimming pool,” Yael said of the incident. He added that Molly has been left with numerous ‘health issues’ after the falls: “He can’t do long walks anymore, so I sometimes have to hire him a wheelchair, which he hates, because he’s too proud and annoying!” he said.

Meanwhile, Molly joked about his funeral to the publication, saying he wants to be placed in an Egyptian sarcophagus and will open up the coffin to get a drink for the last time.
He added he’s feeling okay despite injuries from his falls.
“People keep telling me I’ve got to make a will, but I reckon there’s plenty of time for that,” joking he’ll leave it to his pet dog Ziggy.

In July this year, Molly had to cut short a 10-day cruise on board a luxury yacht after injuries he suffered after his fall in January and 2011, got worse while he was still on the cruise.
In January, Meldrum dislocated one of his shoulders and fractured several ribs when he slipped while getting out of a taxi in front of a hotel in Bangkok.
Not only that, Meldrum revealed that he came close to having his arm amputated and turned to alcohol to cope, he told Daily Telegraph following the accident at the time.
On top of that, he also came dangerously close to being paralysed in the legs. To make it worse, the former Countdown host also suffered a life-threatening fall when he fell while putting up Christmas decorations in 2011.
It left him in a coma for five weeks and he suffered a brain injury among other injuries.

We hope you’ll feel better, Molly.

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  1. Robyn Flouskos  

    Hi Molly look after yourself we all love you have you read Wilbour Smith River God if not you really should take care xx

  2. Eileen Danger  

    Make the damn WILL Molly don’t leave a mess.

  3. Nancy McNaughton  

    Take it easy Ian! I still remember you at Sunday school in the old home town (Mildred St) and at a wedding of our friend in Bendigo, who is no longer with usx

  4. Molly … Some times trying to be too Independent can be more Harmful than do you some good … Do Not worry about thinking that.. People will think your weak just because you ask for help …. You have to think more about, how to have a better quality as well as quantity of life … Be Kind to Yourself … You will Always Be ” The Super Hero of The Australian Music Industry ” …. That, with your Guidance and Influence.. Over the many decades and with all that yet to come. It has become and gained so much respect World Wide … Just as the name of Ian ( Molly Meldrum ) Also HAS … Take Care… and Make that Will … As people keep telling me to do that, ” also ” … Otherwise..,The Government will get their Sticky Fingers wrapped around it… to help pay those Big Salary’s … They love to hand out to themselves … 🙁 ((((((((HUGS)))))))) and <3's …

  5. Trish  

    Hi Molly, I grew up watching you on tv & you’re an Awesome Bloke! All the best 💖

  6. Annette  

    Geez Molly, look after yourself!
    You’re one of a kind!
    What you don’t know about music’s not worth worrying about!
    I learnt SO much about it from listening to you on the telly when I was a kid/teenager!

    It’s all well & good being ‘independent’, but accept ANY help offered, which may include a very nice ‘walking stick’ a la Hercule Poirot’s!
    Although Tut may’ve had to use one when he fell off the chariot!

    Unfortunately, we age, & ‘fings ain’t what they used to be’!

    Enjoy your life, & be careful, please!

  7. Truth 13  

    Hi Molly, Hope you will be fine, soon. I need to bring to your notice, a saying of a clown, who was in the parliament, Joe Hockey. “Age of entitlement is over”. Keep that in mind, and every time you walk, take a step, have a good look at where you walk, & see whether there are any objects on your way. Don’t think you are still young. The “Age of entitlement” even to walk, is now restricted. Good Luck for a speedy recovery.


    Take care Molly and get well soon we love you xxxx

    • Guy Flavell  

      Just watch where you’re going old Mate. We just can’t do the physical things we used to do any more. I remember fondly the ‘friendly’ blue you and I had on Brighton Beach back in
      1962. I’ve now got used to my crooked nose. My very best wishes and do take more care of yourself. Fond regards, Guy

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