Meshel Laurie names and shames trolls who attacked her over her weight

Popular radio and television host Meshel Laurie has called out the online trolls who attacked her with vicious comments about

Popular radio and television host Meshel Laurie has called out the online trolls who attacked her with vicious comments about her appearance and weight.

She shared the messages two men wrote to her via Facebook, calling her “hopeless” and “horribly overweight”.

Online bullying has become a huge issue in recent years, with people taking advantage of the fact they can hide behind a computer while they say mean and nasty things about other people.

Meshel said she wanted to bring the issue to light to make people aware that this kind of behaviour is still happening.

“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, for a lot of reasons, but specifically because … this doesn’t happen to me a lot and also genuinely it did not hurt my feelings, I just thought it was a fascinating thing that happened.

“The first one said, ‘you just told us on ‘The Project’ to fatten up for winter, look in the mirror and maybe hibernate fatso’.

“And then I swore back at him, I’m just in the mood where I just went, I said ‘Hi Daryle, that was actually the point of the joke you stupid, joyless, creep,’ I put another word in there.”

Much to her surprise, the man wrote back to her and apologised.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it though and Meshel received an even more hateful message from another man.

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“You should require a special licence to go out in public with a face like that,” he wrote in his tirade.

“And you’d be more suited to stacking shelves at Woolies … on the night shift!”

Meshel was quick to name and shame the men, sharing they profile pictures and full names in screenshots of the messages.

Both men were reportedly inundated with messages from Meshel’s fans who hit back at them for their hateful comments.

However, some people have said Meshel was wrong to share their personal details, saying she is doing just as much damage by ousting them.

“This makes you just as bad as the so-called trolls Meshel,” wrote one person on her Facebook page.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, you know…” said another.

However, others threw their support behind her.

“People forget that actions have consequences and if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, why would you do it on social media?” wrote one supporter.

“Seriously… if they are stupid enough to say stuff they should be able to take the heat of backfire,” replied another.

There has been some contention in the past over whether or not it is right to name and shame online trolls, or if it is just as bad as writing the hateful messages and comments in the first place.

Do you think Meshel was wrong or right to name and shame her haters? What would you do in this situation?

  1. john  

    go Girl if they dish it out they cop it when it come’s back , god on you keep doing it
    John Burrows

    • Good on you, what right do other people have to insult you? If he is so distressed by you, then he can get up off his backside and turn the telly off. This is a form of bullying and he is a coward, by hiding behind a computer and saying what he want. And I would do exactly the same as Meschel did.

  2. Julie France  

    She has every right to reply to them, they are bullies that’s all they are and need to get a life. . They have obviously nothing better to do whereas Mishel is a very busy popular lovely person.

  3. Allison  

    To many people have been driven to suicide by bullying people like him .Give them a taste of their own medicine. Facebook, Twitter etc are public forums. KARMA

  4. ioanna m kaliviotis  

    She has every right to name and shame those creeps. I”m gobsmacked at the shocking stuff that bitter and twisted Andrew wrote. He must have immense self loathing to write like that. A healthy, decent person would not write about a person in that manner unless they have very deep rooted, serious, insecurities within themselves. Maybe he needs to spend less time with horses and more time with decent human beings. Humans like Andrew make our world an unattractive place to live in.

  5. Karen Altamura  

    They should be named and shamed and I’m so glad that Meshel did it. maybe they will think twice about doing it again. And now all of their friends – if they have any- will know exactly what type of people they really are. Go Meshel. Xxx

  6. Karis  

    I always love when Meshel is on The Project. She gives a broad insight to many topics and is entertaining at the same time. I dont care what her weight is as its irrelevant. She has a brain and an opinion and thats what counts. These men who target her should have a closer look at Steve Price. They would soon realise what a talent she is!!!!

  7. Faye Dapiran  

    Good on her. What disgusting cowards these people are. Sit at home writing such nasty and vile things. She has every right to name and – hopefully – shame them. Nice that one guy apologised anyway.

  8. you had every right to name and shame… What a horrible person he was to say such thing… she was on her facebook page so she could say what she wanted to glad to hear that you did… You go Girl.. The old saying.. Sticks and stone may break my bones But names will never hurt them…

  9. I never cease to be amazed at the deep rivers of misogyny percolating away in the community. Clearly this ‘man’ thinks he has a right to make disgraceful comments about a woman who is clearly smarter and more successful than this coward. These attitudes are exactly the same ones that drive abuse, domestic and sexual violence and the objectification of women. I’ve worked in the area of violence against women for 40 years and can’t believe the vitriol that is STILL rampant in the community and we need the support of strong men like John your first respondent, to this tirade of brainless drivel – to shame these morons, to shame them and call them out for the cowards they are. Thanks John and the women who responded. We must collectively and constantly call them out for the evil garbage they spout! Let’s hope that Andrew Head is not married to some poor woman who may not know of the level of oppression, ignorance and misogyny she undoubtedly lives under!

  10. Leeanne  

    Well done Meshel Laurie!! Now everyone knows what a horrible person he is.

  11. Meshel I think you are fantastic. Unattractive no way. You are very pretty and I love your different hairstyles and colour. You are also VERY funny and super smart. You go girl.

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